Christmas Decorating Playlist | Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones


Holiday music has been on full blast at our house lately, but sometimes, it can get irritating when our playlists (see mine below) clash. ; ) Sudio Sweden sent me their newest pair of headphones at the perfect time. The headphones normally look like this, but I ordered the white marble caps* to go along with it. Those who know me know I love marble-patterned things! The minimal design and gold and marble accents make this the perfect accessory for many of my outfits.

* Order my headphones now for 15% off, free shipping, and a FREE pair of the marble caps ($20 value)! Use code 15JESSY at Sudio Sweden until December 18.


New Items at Teriyaki Experience!

I recently had the opportunity to try Teriyaki Experience's new menu items and was quite impressed by their selection. Not only has their food menu changed, but the entire look of the store has to. Their menu boards are much sleeker, staff uniforms now look like chef jackets, and their takeout containers are newly designed.

Rice noodles with hot & spicy sauce, mixed veggies, teriyaki sauce, and shrimp

The new menu items at Teriyaki Experience include:
  • Organic loose leaf teas flown in from Japan,
  • Desserts prepared by Bake Code (photo below),
  • Upgraded meals on their signature menu,
  • Fresh sushi made daily,
  • Bento boxes, and
  • "Design-Your-Own Bowls" - rice and noodle bowls that you can customize to your taste (which is what I did above)

Japanese cheesecake and black sesame roll

I'm a fan of Bake Code, so I was pretty excited to learn about this partnership! The dessert selection is quite limited, but there seems to be something for everyone. The items I got weren't too sweet, which is exactly how I like my desserts.

If you want to try their new menu*, you have a chance to do so for below!

Blue-Grey Hair