Girl Crush: Caroline

I have a folder on my desktop titled "Inspiration". I have a LOT of photos in there saved from fashion blogs. Photos include bloggers & models I admire, clothing and accessories I long for, and just people and things I find beautiful.  I think Caroline Blomst of Caroline's Mode is absolutely beautiful! She is my #1 fashion muse.  According to her Lookbook profile, she is a 28 year old fashion editor from Stockholm, Sweden, a place I wish to, someday, visit.

Caroline's style is casual, but each piece she wears probably costs more than my whole wardrobe (slight exaggeration, as I have a pretty big wardrobe)! She wears a lot of dark colours, fur, combat boots, and carries a designer bag almost all of the time.

Since I have so many pictures saved of her outfits, this post will be dedicated to some of my favourite outfits of hers with black pants! (then maybe I can clear my computer's space up for other things! LOL)

 Coat: Ebay | Tee: Acne
Pants: MQ | Boots: Alexander Wang

Panther ring: Ebay
Jacket: H&M | Jeans: Acne
Scarf: Louis Vuitton | Bag: Givenchy

Shoes: Minimarket
Jacket: Acne | Bag: Balenciaga
Cardigan: Acne | Tee: Alexander Wang

Shoes: Scorett + DIY leather stripes
Jacket: Alexander Wang | Bag: Alexander Wang

[jewelry closeup here]
Rings: YSL and Ebay | Coat: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga | Leather pants: Acne
Nail polish: "Sparkle & Fade" from Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Minimarket | Bracelets: CC Skye and Punkt Shop

Top: Alexander Wang
Jeans: Acne | Shoes: Minimarket
Jacket: Balenciaga | Bag: Balenciaga

Hoodie: Acne | Top: Acne
Jacket: Balenciaga | Boots: Nilson
Leggings: Gina Tricot | Bag: Alexander Wang

I swear I've seen her carry a different coloured Balenciaga bag every time. haha  I think my love for Alexander Wang's creations and my desire for the perfect fitting pair of leather pants partly originated from Caroline. She is the reason why I want to give up mass manufactured Forever 21 clothing for high end designer clothing. I hope I can achieve this beginning in 2011! A few designer pieces a year are good enough for me. : )

[clicking on each photo will bring you to its original source]


  1. that's one hell of a fashion editor. Damn... I'd never forget a face like that.

    You like stuff? Okay I'll ask him the next time I see him again. "if you have an extra sample can I give it to my friend jess" XD

  2. wow, i think i have a new girl crush now too! her style is amazing and i love everything she's wearing. thanks for featuring her on your blog!

  3. i love your blog! caroline has such great style. any girl would be so lucky to own a few pieces from her fab wardrobe!

    please take a look at my blog! i'm also a TO girl :)

    xo Eva

  4. She is gorgeous and love her style :)

  5. Love her style!

    and I agree with the cutting down on F21 clothing for high end designer clothing. Quality over quantity!

    Personally, I think basic things are fine to purchase them cheap..but for me, certain pieces are timeless and are worth the investment (namely jackets, bags, statement pieces)

    anyhoo, long comment. Good luck with your 2011 resolution!

  6. i love every pair of shoes on these looks!

  7. She's fantastic. I always covet her outfits!

  8. Love all the outfits and the blog!!I ll follow!xx

  9. Oh I adore those boots so much, if only I werent so short I could pull them off, alas.

  10. The Balenciaga bags are definitely Caroline's trademark nevertheless her style feels relaxed and cool.

  11. i love her fashion sense!!! i'm relieved she got some stuff from ebay hahaha

  12. Jess I have an inspiration folder too!!!! This girl is beautiful - have to admit I never heard of her but I can totally see you rocking her style!

  13. I think you and Caroline have similar taste, both of you wear mostly monochromatic pieces. Her Balenciaga collection must cost a fortune. :)

  14. I want to raid her wardrobe! LOL!

  15. I wouldn't have known she's a blogger, her style and photos look like she is a model. She looks so chic and terrific.

  16. ah, she looks amazing. love her outfits and she has that whole model look going on! gorgeous.

    Yeah she's so gorgeous! haha Next time you see him, he'll probably be in Toronto..and next time he's in Toronto, I'll most likely be there to meet him. LOL

    @kileen, Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen, & Really Petite
    Ahhh I know me too!!

    Yeah it's not even only F21. I only picked their store because they have some of the cheapest things..quality-wise. It's like..I shouldn't even be going to malls anymore. LOL

    @BuNnYLuverz & Marcella
    I love all her shoes and her outfits too ^_^

    @Antonia Petite
    I love how a lot of her jewelry are from ebay :D

    @curls-and-pearls & Elle
    Thanks ladies :D She is my total inspiration!

    Me too LOL

    @Nelah & projectvee
    She's probably modeled a few times before! :D

  18. i think i wanna die! those expensive but oh so pretty clothes. i'm liking her fur coat! wish i have a great sense of fashion :(

  19. I love her edgy style, she's definitely one of my icons too!!

  20. I don't know her, but I might just start following her now :) Love her style but most of all, love her bbags! They are so droolworthy.

  21. wow, i really love her style o_o maybe i have a new crush too hahah

  22. Wow - she's gorgeous (I wish I was tall and leggy :) ) with a great sense of style! Will you be recreating any of her looks?

  23. She is so edgy and I love her blog, especially the Stockholm Street Style part (and my bf loves Mode Man hahaha)!

    Have a lovely day!

  24. I wish I had her legs! She looks great in just leggings... mad jealous!

    Also thanks for your input on the wedding dresses. I'm going to a new store this Wednesday and will post pics again. I would loveeeee your input because you're a fashionista!

    Additionally, no, my hair is SUPER curly. Like spiral, sometimes afro curly. But I'm glad you like it straight! :P

  25. thank you for posting this! i am now officially in love with her! she's so stylish!


  26. i love her bags and that panther ring!! i have this new obsession with rings. just need to find ones that fit! :p great collection of photos!

  27. Haha actually for some reason my hair didn't feel a million times lighter =( I wish it did though =\

    Love the outfits that you saved. She really has great style!

  28. yup! we agree, she certainly has great styles. Indeed, shes an inspiration for sure!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  29. god i would love to live in her wardrobe, girl always looks fierce!

  30. i love this post is amazing:) i have the louis vuitton scarf as well i love itttt xx

  31. Her looks are definitely inspiring and I am officially hooked!!! Thanks for the posting and I am now deleting old photos to make room for some of hers...


  32. I have a similar leopard scarf though mine are waaay cheaper from Aldo. I like her style! <3

    I'm inviting you to join my Christmas giveaway for shoe aficionados! Happy Holidays!

  33. Thanks for your comment. :)

    O: She has great outfits. I love her rings.

  34. how do some people just get it oh so right? i cant find fault in any of these looks.x

  35. loving your blog as always!
    a merry christmas and happy holidays to you!!!
    come visit COSMICaroline for some holiday cheer!


  36. Ugh, I adore her style too! Her Balenciaga collection is amazing.

  37. Amazing outfits!
    I love her Balenciaga bag!

    With love, Samm