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2013 update: The $5 offers may not be available anymore, but I am not 100% certain. Regardless, you will still be receiving cashback by signing up and using these services.

Earn cash back for shopping online AND receive $10 for free ($5 each site) just by signing up through my links (Ebates & Mr. Rebates)!

How do cashback sites work?
Let's say you wanna shop online at Sephora. Mr. Rebates offers 5% cashback on the amount you spend at Sephora. If you spend $100, you'll get $5 back! Make sure you click on Sephora FROM Mr. Rebates in order to receive your cashback. $5 doesn't seem like a lot, but these cashbacks really add up after you've shopped online a few times.

I've received over $150 in cashback from Ebates so I can guarantee that  it is legitimate. I am still earning cashbacks from Mr. Rebates to reach the minimum. There is a $5 minimum you have to reach on Ebates and a $10 minimum you have to reach on Mr. Rebates before you can collect your cash.

These sites are open to anyone in the world and there is no catch. : )

Proof from my current Ebates balance

The amount of cashback and variety of stores each site offers is different, so you need to look up the store  on each site to see which one has it and which one has the better offer.
  • Ebates only offers 4% cashback at Sephora, so I would go to Mr. Rebates for more discount.
  • Ssense & ASOS, two of my favourite online stores, aren't available through Ebates so I always click through Mr. Rebates to get my 4% cashback from each of those stores.
  • Chapters/Indigo, one of my favourite book stores, isn't available through Mr. Rebates so I always shop there from Ebates (1-5% cashback).
How do I get my $5 (or $10)?
By signing up through my link for Ebates, we will each receive $5 USD after you make your first online purchase. By signing up through my link for Mr. Rebates, I will receive 20% of your rebate (which is most likely only a few cents) and you will receive $5 USD. If you sign up for both sites through me, you'll get $10 just like that! I can stand by these claims because I signed up through other people as well. : )

P.S. For Mr. Rebates, if you need to enter a referral email, mine is (at

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either of the cashback sites mentioned above. This post was made to inform and I do receive credit if you sign up through my links; however, whoever signs up through my links will get $5 from each site.

Any questions? Please ask me below! : )
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  1. This is great of u Jessy!! You r so sweet and so is Elle!

    I just switched to MrRebates thanks to Kileen today:-)

  2. This reminds me of Bing cash back. I got back 1.5k in cash back from them before they ended it. :(

  3. It's so great that you and Elle are doing these kinds of offerings!

    I already have an Ebates account but I'm going to sign up for Mr. Rebates through you later this week - thanks for the heads up!

  4. You're so sweet for offering your gently used clothes to your readers. And thanks for sharing about the cash backs! Going to sign up for sure because with the amount of online shopping I do, I would definitely get a good amount back! :D

    Have a lovely week Jessy!

  5. I am enjoying Ebates a lot! I wish I would have listened to those who used it before me. I always felt like it was a hassle, but after I got my first check I'm a firm believer! It's so easy..just clicking to Sephora for example from the Ebates site. :D

    I'll check out Mr. Rebates right now. Thanks for the tweet earlier. Much appreciated!

  6. wow, you are just too sweet! this is the kindest thing ever =)