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My boyfriend & I recently ate at Cora's for breakfast and Pixel 8 for lunch (on separate days). It was my first time at both of those places! Cora's is a large breakfast chain that can only be found in Canada and Pixel 8 is just a random Asian "lounge" place in Markham, Ontario (Bur Oak & Kennedy).

What a cute logo! (@ Cora's)

Boyfriend playing around with my G11's manual focus.

Boyfriend's Caffe Latte
I got a glass of grapefruit juice.

My Western omelette

Boyfriend's "Good Morning!"
(2 eggs any style w/sausage, bacon, ham, or bologna)

Boyfriend's chicken teriyaki rice @ Pixel 8 

My Japanese udon noodles
It was the only udon dish there and I will not be ordering it again.

I'm more of an "udon" person. What about you? Ramen or udon noodles?


  1. Those pictures are incredibly tempting at this hour haha.

    When I go out, I always choose udon over ramen because I feel that I always have ramen (instant) at home and udon is just... special :) Squishy, chewy goodness.

  2. Yummy! I think Cora's is kind of overpriced for what it is.. like anyone can easily make it at home, but I do love the atmosphere! I think I'm more of a ramen girl... udon is tasty though haha <3

  3. Yum! It looks delicious! :)
    I have one in my town too! I've never had it before,probably because I know it's pricey. :P Still want to try though!

  4. I recently had udon for the first time a month ago at a fabulous restaurant in NYC. I'm glad I did because it was unforgettable.

  5. everything looks soooo good! :) I'm more of an udon person but occasionally, I crave for ramen!

  6. i'm a ramen kind of girl :)

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  7. yum that food looks sooo good! i am a bit more of a ramen girl, only because i don't like a lot of starch, but i still eat udon :)

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  8. I love both udon and ramen! I think it depends on my mood, really. Too bad that that bowl you had wasn't up to standard though.

  9. I'm so hungry now! That udon looks really good.

  10. Yum =)
    Food looks tasty special at this time of the day!
    I never had udon before, but it looks good!

  11. I'm definitely an udon girly! Question, do they usually add pieces of fruit to your breakfasts in Canada? Its so odd in my eyes lol.

  12. Hmm I'm more of an udon girl especially when it's spicy :P

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  13. oh my, i am so jealous, yum! thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  14. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast at Cora. Me and my bf love having breakfast there during the weekend! You should try their eggs benedict next time!

    Ramen or udon?! Hmmm, I love both of them... it would depend on where I am and what the restaurant's specialty is!

  15. I am a major foodie and these pics are making me drool!!!! LOL

    Everything looks so yummie!

  16. Yum! I love both ramen and udon! I can't ever decide and always want both when I go for noodles. I could use a bowl right now.

  17. I love love LOVE Cora's! I've never been disappointed there. I'm a noodle girl overall, LOL. I'll slurp up anything!

  18. YUM! YUM YUM YUM YUM. Wow I can't even think right now I am SO hungry. I love chicken teriyaki and probably would've devoured that thing your boyfriend got in under 20 seconds. I must go and find some food now. Thanks for the food porn. :)

  19. @Gloria
    omigosh, yes. Looking at these make me hungry! I just love udon noodles. om nom nom

    I thought it was overpriced too!! Today though..we went to a "homey" breakfast place and it was basically the same price as Cora's. LOL -_-'

    You should try it at least once. You'll love the cute atmosphere. : )

    omg yay! Udon's the best. What kind did you have?

    Yeah it was just.. tasteless to me. :(

    omg! I thought it was a normal thing for people to put fruit pieces on your breakfast. xD I think the restaurants just put it for convenience so that they don't have to use another plate for you for fruits. : )

    @Crystal Luvz
    I just had eggs benedict for breakfast this morning. I'd forgotten how much I love them. SOOO GOOD. I'll definitely remember that for the next time I'm at Cora's :D

    hehe no problem., Elle. ; ) Chicken teriyaki is amazing <3

  20. Udon vs Ramen? Most def, udon! haha, i love it.

    ps - how is g11 working for you? I am thinking of getting one for a better quality digicam coz slrs are a bit bulky to bring on a daily basis. haha!

    and im glad to find another canadian blogger! awesome. im a new follower. :)


  21. @BARESTUDY (Janelle)
    It's great! I'm actually thinking of selling it, but still deciding. hahaa The best part is the flip screen. ; )

  22. yum yum!! all the food looks so delicious! and the logo is just so cute!!

    hmmm, i'm not a big fan of udon so I'm more of a ramen person :3

  23. um, delicious much? i LOVE udon, but recently i've been into soba. it's fun to switch it up once in a while :) awesome blog, definitely coming back!

  24. At most places, I much prefer udon but there is one tiny authentic Japanese place here that makes awesome seafood ramen. I love your food posts but only wish I lived closer to Toronto!

  25. HOLY CRAP your making me hungry! Cora's is awesome and Pixel 8 is pretty good too!

  26. everything looks so good! out of everything though, i'd want that latte!

  27. According to the website, it's vegetable in Dashi broth... I really don't know what that means but I do know it's nothing short from food heaven.

  28. @Gracie
    haha I have no idea what that means either, but I trust your taste! I really need to try out more flavour of udon noodles. I always stick to the same ones

  29. @SewPetiteGal
    haha I love the diversity here! Always great places to dine around here. ^_^