Men & scarves

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I prefer seeing monochromatic (as opposed to patterned) scarves on men, preferably the chunky knit kind. How the first gentleman styled his scarf looks better to me than the "thrown around the shoulders" look some of the others are sporting.

What's your opinion?

EDIT: I just realized the second pic is of a man holding a cigarette. Totally didn't notice, sorry! I'm usually careful when it comes to posting pics of people smoking on my blog because I don't endorse it. I only accidentally realized it when someone commented that these men are smoking (hot). hahaha : ) I'll try to be more careful next time!


  1. The guys are lookin' mighty dapper

  2. i have to agree i like the chunky knit scarves on guys. great pics!

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  3. I think they all look very good, if you get what I'm saying ;) haha

  4. I love guys who wear scarfs. Out of all the photos you posted I have to agree, I like the guys outfit in the first photo the most.

    <3 S.

  5. All those guys are smokinggg... haha. My heart beats faster when I see a well-dressed man. xD I prefer seeing monochromatic scarves on men as well.

  6. I think it looks best in the first, second, and last pic. Then again, it depends on the guy and the rest of the outfit too...aha.

  7. agreed. Not a fan of throw over the shoulder for men

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  9. These guys are EXXXXtremeley HOT HOT HOT!!!wowowow....GA GA GO GO!!! And the scarves look sooo cool and they all look so pulled together!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  10. scarves or no scarves, these men are HOT. ^_^

  11. @shirley
    hahahah I get it ; )

    LOL You are too cute, Mindy!

    Yup, totally agree!

    @Beckerman Girls
    LOL Great comment

  12. The guys are good looking without the scarves anyways >.> but I think it would be nice if more guys cared about how they dressed :D more like this ;)

  13. I think it takes a certain type of man to pull of the scarf look. I bought hubby an Italian scarf and luckily he can pull it off...LOL

  14. Jessy! The Naked Palette is back in stock @ Sephora - go go go! I'm ordering mine now :)

  15. I <3 hot men period. scarf or no scarf. cuz it's what's under that counts. HAHAHAHAH

  16. I agree with what all the ladies have said, such good-looking man! *drools*
    Btw, it's me here *waves* I started a little side-project :)

  17. @Gloria
    hahah I'm sure most guys care, but they're just either lazy OR not stylish? haha :P

    @Really Petite
    True! Not everyone can pull off a nice scarf!!

    Thank you!! I'm gonna check stores before the site - though it'll probably be sold out. hahaha

    HAHAHA you're too funny, Aubrey!