ASOS haul and reviews

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I think H&M and ASOS are my guilty I mean, let's face it - (most) ASOS brand items are crap. They feel cheap and thin... pretty much comparable to H&M, but I am still addicted to these stores... The haul below is from the 3-4 orders I made in March.

ASOS Fisherman's Beanie Hat ($5.38 here)
I'm a hat-lover. For only $5, I couldn't resist this. If you have a medium to large head, I wouldn't suggest getting this because I had a hard time keeping the thing on! Just needs a bit of stretching. : )

ASOS Premium Wool Mix Cable Knitted Lounge Short ($32.27 here)
These were on sale for $30ish and I had a Groupon so I got them for fun. My goal is to get a grey pair of knit shorts. I got them in XS and the fit & quality were "meh". I don't regret purchasing them though.

ASOS 70s Floppy Felt Hat ($44.83 here)
I noticed the price on this kept going up and down. ASOS raised the price by 20% when they sent out a 20% code. When the 20% code expired, they dropped the price back down... aka this will never be "on sale". I purchased this for fun as well, since I love experimenting with hats. I envision this with a flowy summer dress.

ASOS Enamelled Heart Skinny Band Ring ($10.76 here)
I thought this was rather cute and simple. : )

ASOS Mink Overknee Socks ($5.38 here)
I love socks. : )

ASOS PETITE Tailored Pencil Dress ($53.79 here)
Purchased by many in the petite community, this is more of a coral-ish colour in real life. I wish it was more of a true red!

UK 4 / US 0
This is going back. I expected more red than orange. (They called it red on the site.) It's basically too wide, too long, and too orange for my liking. I was only interested in the "blue" or "cherry red" from the regular line. A few petite bloggers got the blue one from the petite line, but I guess I was too late because I never saw it. Oh well.

The dress will be returned on Tuesday. If you're interested in it, please email me before then. First come, first serve.

Sorry, I'm too lazy & have no time to model everything! You'll see them in my outfit posts soon. : ) April is exam month and I have to study!!


  1. Oh wow! The dress looks super long on you. I also vote for a return. I didn't know they raised the price by 20% when they sent out a 20% code. That's so lame. Have a great weekend, Jessy!

  2. i love over the knee socks too, seen all over the models on F21 lately. however, I don't have the right shoes to rock 'em. I also like the pairing of over the knee socks w/combat boots. i'm excited for these knit shorts to make their debut.

    by any chance, do you know where i can get a slouchy beanie? tweet me!

  3. Love everything you got! That dress is cute, I think the cut looks nice. But I agree, I prefer it shorter. And I hate when the colour is different IRL.

  4. Such a great haul! I do agree with you actually re ASOS's quality. I bought a dress the other day and not only was the colour different, the quality was really poor. For 30quid, I didn't think it was worth it. I definitely only shop if I have vouchers of if they have sales :P

  5. Good luck with exams!

    I'm particularly interested in seeing you wear the knit shorts!

  6. hello my lovely,

    I can't use any item on this list :( Maybe the fisherman hat. But I dislike that style as I haven't gone hobo since elementary school~~ I want to wear a winter hat with ears. Not kitty but maybe panda or something.. yet I'm afraid people will make fun of me.

    Your fashion week pictures looked very exciting! I've never gone to see one before. One day I will make it to the big leagues and blog one.

    It was a swat guy pointing the gun at me so I wasn't scared at all~ What's he gonna do shoot me? The other time (nearly) was a policeman. I'm not traumatized at all he he but thanks for the funny reaction and concern. You amuse me!

  7. I really really like hoop earrings :S But ya I guess some fob might dress that way. I'll let you in on a secret - I think some fobs are kind of rude. Just their personalities... leave a lot to be desired. Of course not all of them are like that I guess.

    I stopped watching communitychannel a year ago. You leave comments and tweets but she never replies. I know she's popular but - just felt like I was talking to myself. I rather get updates from ppl like you!

  8. Wow- the orange/red dress is so long on you..wth??

    Good idea on return- not a fan either...

    I still have yet to buy anything from ASOS..still not convinced:D

  9. @PetiteLittleGirl
    Yeah I save a lot of items and keep track of their prices! It's pretty much ridiculous how they offer codes and raise prices at the same time.

    I need ideas on how to wear these shorts! haha

    A lot of people mentioned how it was more orange, but I didn't expect it to be THIS orange! Ridiculous. haha

    I have read a bunch of complaints on their quality, colour differences, and even different items all together! I guess this is why they're my guilty pleasure >=p

    Thank you!!!

    @Really Petite
    Yeah boooo :( It's too long or I'm too short.. haha ASOS is really a hit or miss. I haven't had too many misses with them, but I know a few bloggers who have had a lot!

  10. I just bought 2 of the pencil dresses! I'm surprised it looks so long on you though. I haven't received them yet, but I'm hoping it isn't going to be too long on me. And the floppy felt hat is really cute! So expensive though ><

  11. @Rinny
    I got it for $30ish with the 20% code but I know it's still expensive! haha I've been looking for a floppy hat for a while so it was well worth it for me ; )

  12. what are the shipping/duties/taxes ASOS charges when they ship to you?

  13. @Anonymous

    Shipping is free worldwide now.
    Taxes depends on your location, I believe. ex. Ontario 13%?

    Duties depends on what you buy and how much. I've bought a blazer and some jewelry for $100 before and the duties were $30. I've also bought like $30 things and paid $15 in duties.

    Customs & duties depends on where the products are made and stuff. I'm not really sure. Also depends if the people charging you are douchebags because I know a blogger who received two of the same packages ... she paid like $30 for one and $10 for the other.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh and if returns are bugging you, customs & duty fees are refundable as long as you prove to Canada Post (or w/e) that you returned the products.

  14. Thanks for the information! Really appreciated it. Is there an amount you can spend where you don't get charged duties?
    I know in the US if you spend <$20 you're exempt from duty fees.

  15. @Anonymous
    I haven't gotten charged for things under $30 but don't take my word for it. haha I heard that it depends on the item or if the person marks the package as a gift. And if the item is foreign made, there might be some sort of fee. :S BUT! don't quote me on that. Canadian customs is weird.

  16. Love the floppy black hat, perfect for summer!

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  17. Can you briefly explain to me the return process at Asos? I made my very first purchase and the garment is a bit too big on me. I'm considering to return. All I know is that you fill in a form stating your reason and I think you ship it back to them. Not sure if they will send you pre-paid postage or if you pay first. If you pay first do they pay you back the postage fee? Thanks in advance! =)

  18. @Anonymous
    Americans get prepaid postage, thus free returns.

    If you're in Canada, you pay for shipping yourself so it's up to you to see if it's even worth shipping back. Once they receive your package, they'll send you an email saying so and refund your money. Depending on how you paid, you could get an ASOS credit.

    I've returned 3-4 times before and had no trouble! : )