Harem Pants

Blazer: H&M | Tee: H&M | Harem pants: Gap | Wedges: ASOS | Ring: YSL | Bag: Alexander Wang

That's me looking at my boyfriend's kitten. What a cutie pie <3
You may have seen my tweets about this, but not know which bag I got... well, here it is! My new Alexander Wang bag! I've been wanting the Rocco for so long, but couldn't pay full price for it. If I bought it in Canadian dollars, it would've added up to about $1300. Even with this being my dream bag, I wouldn't pay full price for it (or most other things this expensive). I waited patiently for the past year for a good deal and put a bit of money aside each month for it. : )

The Rocco I have is laser cut velvet leather and is actually worth about a hundred dollars more than the normal black leather.

Here are some price comparisons for the black leather Rocco with brass hardware:
$875 $595 CAD on Ssense - No shoulder strap (the original, I believe)
$1095 CAD on Ssense - Newer version; with shoulder strap
$875 USD on Forward Forward

The one I have:
$1175 CAD on Ssense
$965 USD on Opening Ceremony

I didn't even know that the velvet leather was that expensive here. I'm so glad I purchased this while the Canadian dollar was so strong! If you're considering this bag, be advised that it's pretty heavy - even when empty. The bag has 95 studs which adds a considerable amount of weight to it. Even so, I love it and I'm extremely happy with it! :D

P.S. My boyfriend created this outfit for me the night before. He told me what to wear over the phone. LOL Whaddya think? ; )


  1. You look so chic, Jessy! I don't think I can ever pull off the harem pants trend. I am glad you was able to get your dream bag. She is gorgeous :)

  2. i lalalove this outfit of yours! your shoes are to die for! something i would wear <3 ^_^

  3. I LOVE this outfit, it's my favourite one so far! That bag is gorgeous and you wear harem pants so well... I'm still a little afraid of them haha <3

  4. Where do I begin? Only a select few can pull the harem pant look off and you my dear are def one of them! You look so chic!!!

    And congrats on your bag....it's gorgeous and SO SO SO YOU Jessy! :D

  5. wow!!! I love the bag. I can imagine it being very heavy.

    i like how loose your shirt is and a bit tucked into the harem pants. that's how the style should be done! good job.

  6. hey mc hammer,

    Is this the bag you told me about? I really like it :O It sounds super expensive too. Next time we'll ask alex (I call him alex cuz he's my friend XD) to give you a special discount. and i'll take a photo of you and him just like I did for your unnamed cutie friend.

    I didn't even know what a rocco was I had to read extra carefully~ But I absolutely hate harem pants. You gorgeous and all but I have always SUPER hated that style on women and men. My friend and I call it hobo style (I hope you are not offended T_T).

  7. oh wait -

    I was trolololing at my house gif for 5 minutes XD That's my signoff signature from now on. You can shorten the straps on my bag a lot more but I just like to wear it down lowww because it hugs my butt while I'm walking, instead of flinging around my side. I never thought about how a bag could make one look shorter though~ that's a new one for me.

  8. @PetiteLittleGirl
    Thank you Sydney! I'm so happy that I finally have it :D

    Thanks girl! I always get complimented on them!

    Not surprising! It's one of my faves as well and we have such similar taste! I'd love to see you wear those harem pants some day <3

    @Really Petite
    Aw thank you Annie!! That means a lot :$

    I just weighed it with my wallet and a bit of junk inside. 2-3 lbs!! It's a pretty weighty bag with the 95 studs, but I'm getting used to it :D

    And thank you! I love tucking in the front of long shirts

  9. @brutalturtle.blogspot.com
    lmao! I told you about this? Don't remember..probably on Twitter. I hope Wang comes back! Def. wanna meet him!!

    It's okay, not everybody is a fan of harem pants! I got used to them and they're so comfy :D (I'm not offended!)

  10. Harem pants are my to-go pants. I cannot tell you how many weird looks I get from wearing drop crotch pants!

    I love your outfit and your new bag. I love anything A. Wang!

  11. I love that bag!

    AND I love how you wore the pants with the strappy sandals - your boyfriend did a good job with his recommendations!

  12. I'm impressed with your boyfriend for putting that outfit together! I definitely wouldn't be able to pull harem pants off as you. You look great!

  13. ooh i love this look, those pants are awesome!
    love your hair too!

    Fashion Bag 411

  14. Love your style!!! Harem pants really suit you, and the ring is so nice! xX

  15. Woohoo, that bag is so you Jessy! Love it!!!!!

    As for the harem pants, honestly I think only you can wear them so well! And your BF picked out the outfit? Wow, he knows you well and knew that it would look fantastic!

  16. LOVEEE the bag! And the ring! AND the entire outfit! I can't pull off harem pants for the life of me, but you definitely can. Your bf has good taste :)

  17. Love your outfit! So sleek! Your boyfriend has good fashion sense :D
    Gorgeous bag!!

  18. You look great!! Not everyone can pull off the harem pants. Super Super!! Your BF has some hidden talents.. Tap it more often :)

  19. WOWWW I love the outfit (and the pictures). Your bf is great at giving fashion advice but I guess it takes you to pull off this outfit as effortlessly as you did LOVE IT X100000.

    (and beautiful beautiful bag. It's perfect for you!)

  20. OMG. so jealous! i want this bag so bad! every time im in holts i hold it for a little bit then put it back on the display. lol. where did u end up buying it?

  21. beautiful outfit & bag!! I agree the Rocco is super heavy.. but its so worth it :) Congrats!!!

  22. @Michelleesque
    Weird looks?! I've yet to receive them! and thank you :D

    Thank you! I love these shoes <3

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)
    Aw thanks Elaine!

    @New Petite
    "tap it" has more than one meaning but I'll take it you mean "tap INTO his pool of talents". LOL

    THANK YOUUU ELLEEE! <33 I love it too!!

    It sells out so fast at Holt, but I never see people on the street with it! I've only seen 3 other people MAX.

  23. Wow, you really pull off those harem pants well! (: & your boyfriend seems pretty cool to be able to put this together. Hahah

  24. OMG your bf came up with a harem pant outfit? I think harem pants are chic but I thought they were one of those things that men would never appreciate lol, because they aren't sexy.

    Love the black black black outfit + slouchy white tee. And ah...the bag is finally revealed. You got such a cool version of it...velvet leather ahh. It's simply beautiful and I'm proud that you carefully planned out your splurge, saved up, and found a super unique version of it.

  25. hi jessy :) !
    omg harem pants look so good on you! dang girl. hahah i don't think i can pull them off. oh and props to your bf for picking out this outfit! haha


  26. @PetiteAsianGirl
    haha yes he did! He keeps saying he should become a stylist LOL but jokingly, of course. The velvet leather feels so nice...wish you could touch it!

  27. hahaha.. You are funny. This tells me I should not comment late in the night ;-)

  28. Absolutely love your outfit. Are the pants form this season? did you get them a long time ago? They look awesome!!!

    Your boyfriend did well :)
    T { sassynerd }

  29. @Tanya
    I think I bought them last summer so you won't be able to find them at Gap anymore! Not the exact pair anyway : )

  30. your boyfriend has good taste!

  31. I agree with the person above, he has amazing taste! Congrats on that bag - it's gorgeous. The ring you have on is stunning and totally makes the outfit. :)

  32. You look great in the harem pants!!! I've seen some other friends wearing them, not sure if I can pull it off! Your bf is so stylish to suggest that outfit and pants, I think most guys I know would be anti-harem pants b/c it doesn't show the ass!

    You know what I just realized the wang bag has the studded base..haha!

  33. @Irene (Couture-Petite.com)
    Thanks Irene! I think he has amazing taste too!

    @Petite in the City
    You should try them out! They're so comfy..I don't know why they have such negative rep!

    omg I can't believe you just noticed the studs! LOL They should be the main focus!

  34. LOVE this bag!! Grats for getting it at a good price!! I've ordered the Granite resin rivits version, can't wait for it to arrive!! Btw do you find this bag too heavy?


  35. @Chococcuro
    Thank you! The studs make the bag heavier than most bags I own, but I'm pretty much used to carrying heavy bags. :P