My Perfect Nude Pumps

 Above: Christian Louboutin's 85mm Simple Pump
Below: Expression's Christina Pump
It took me forever to find myself the perfect pair of nude pumps. Back in May, I tried on this pair (above) at The Bay, but they didn't have my size. For the next few weeks, I called all of their locations to finally locate this pair at a mall that basically...nobody visits. Go figure.

Expression is The Bay's very own line. Their shoes are GORGEOUS. They come in many styles and materials including leather, patent leather, snakeskin, and suede. The heels also come in a variety of different heights, platforms, and colours. Each pair comes with its own dust pouch for storage and have non-slip leather soles.

The original price was $99.99 (I think). When I first tried them on, they were $89.99. A few weeks later, they dropped to $69.99. Then finally, when I purchased them, they were about $59ish with tax!!!! I was so glad that they didn't have my size at the original price.  They were on clearance when I purchased them and take my word for it (I've called every store, except the one at Sherway Gardens..they never seem to pick up.), they're probably sold out everywhere.

My particular shoe is the Christina pump in Blush (also comes in black). The heel height is about 3.5". I think Expression purposely designed this so that it resembles the Louboutin Simple Pumps. They are obviously more affordable than Louboutins, but they have the same luxurious feel to them. The craftsmanship is very impressive and I think the quality is amazing.

Breaking them in
The photo below shows me in these pumps for the first time. What's annoying about my feet is that my right foot is slightly bigger than my left. I had trouble searching for a size 6. It seemed to be sold out everywhere and it took a month of searching! Size 6 was too tight for my right foot, so I stuck the it in the freezer à la Michelle Phan. Now that my right shoe has been stretched, I feel more comfortable breaking the shoes in. ^_^

Cockpit sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Top: H&M
Bag: Longchamp
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Expression
Bracelets: Forever 21

(The photo is out of focus. Sorry!)

I added a few new items to my blog sale! Have a look :D


  1. Omg... I LOVE THEM, JESSY!! I also absolutely adore you in this outfit. xx

  2. Those shoes are gorgeousssssss, Jessy! I love them. They are pretty much identical to the CL but a lot cheaper. They look great on you :)

  3. Ooh these are nice! they seem very narrow.

  4. I love the shoes! They're a great height :)

  5. They are perfect and go very well with your outfit!

  6. They look great on you! What a great find! :)

  7. Super cute! They look so very pretty with the leggings - glad you were able to find them at long last! I'll also have to check out that freezer trick :)

  8. I'm still looking for a pair of nude pumps! Wish me luck, haha! And you look super cute in your outfit, love <3

  9. I've also started my search for the perfect nude pump! It's so hard to find the perfect shade... The smaller height is perfect.

  10. Gorgeous and what a great price! I love the iconic red soles of CL, but I feel they make it more difficult to match with non-red outfits. I definitely need to find perfect nude pumps for me... hopefully Ann Taylor will come out with one...

  11. i love them! i had recently purchased a pair of nude pumps and i'm patiently waiting for them to come in through the mail. i'm glad canada post strike is over!

    yea, is relatively new. quite often people misread and send emails to .com instead. even i sometimes type my email out of habit!

  12. Oooh Jessy I love them!!! And what a great price - uh oh I think I'll have to do some research on these ones too. I love the nude pumps I have but I feel like I need a back up pair so I don't wear them out!

  13. wow, these shoes are absolutely gorgeous and what a great Loubie knockoff! and i didn't know about the water trick to stretch out shoes. i'm definitely trying that on some shoes that are too tight!

    cute & little
    Tru Luxe Jeans Giveaway

  14. Love the shoes, just love the whole outfit!
    XO Carrie

  15. I am in serious need of some nude pumps as well. Goes with everything.

  16. Patience is the key really, what a great shoes you've scored at the end ^__^ I saw a nice pair of nudes at Zara!


  17. LOVE YOUR NEW PUMPS. And the price at which you got them is amazing!

  18. Oh man- where did my comment go?

    I think I said: Wow- these nude pumps are amazing and I can't believe the price! Good thing you didn't get them at the old price! Woohoo!

    They look fantastic on you Jessy!! :D

  19. jessy, those pumps are amazing!! they look absolutely gorgeous on you girl! such a good deal too! happy 4th of july!

  20. Oh, those look lovely! The height is just nice, too. I, too, have been searching for the perfect pair of nude heels. My search is still on, unfortch. Oh, isn't that tutorial just nifty?

    In reply to your comment: Thanks for liking my hair. It feels good that someone thinks it looks fine because I'm always not quite happy with it lol

  21. cute!

    xoxo from rome

  22. What, only one modeling picture?! More please! :) Absolutely gorgeous shoes and the price Congrats on finding your "nude"!

  23. I love it when an item you wanted for so long goes on sale, it's like double the awesomeness! Love the nude pumps!

    Btw, are the Ray Ban Aviators heavy? I have been debating/wanting to get a pair of either the Wayfarers or the Aviators. However, my boyfriend just recently purchased the Wayfarers (I don't want us to matchy-matchy lol), so my focus is on the Aviators but I fear of the weight. I have a knack of always picking out the heaviest glasses of the bunch, hahaha

  24. hi Jessy,
    I started reading your blog after i found the petite fashion community two weeks ago. I'm now subscribed to both you and Jean from extrapetite.

    I've actually been on the hunt for the perfect nude pumps. (i'm size 5.5), and extrapetite did a wonderful video comparing the louboutins to the ann taylor's perfect pump.

    i can't believe you found something like this in canada! may i ask what mall have you already tried calling?
    (i plan to hit the mall this week to hunt them down!) thanks!

  25. @Aubrey

    Thanks Sydney! The price is sooo right.

    They squished my toes the first time, then I rmd'd Michelle Phan's trick and now they're fine :D

    The height is perfect <3

  26. @SewPetiteGal
    You must! The trick is perfect for leather & patent leather shoes.

    Took me a while to find the right shade too. I tried on another pair at The Bay that were darker. Looked gross on my feet.

    I thought AT does have one? Jean did a review, but I'm not entirely sure if they were nude or not.

  27. @a,
    You must post them once you receive the pumps! Where did you get it? (or what brand?)

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)
    I think we're about the same size, so no luck for you (for these) I'm afraid :'( BUT I've seen a few at Nine West!

    I think the Wayfarers are heavier than Aviators. W's are thick plastic! A's are really thin!!!!

    Hi Michelle! Thank you for the support <3 I'm guessing you're in the Toronto area? I've called all the malls, I'm afraid. The only exceptions are Sherway Gardens and The Bay @ Yonge & Bloor because they never picked up. You can try those out! Oh I just rmb'd - I didn't call Centerpoint Mall. haha Good luck and let me know how it goes! : )

  28. For all those interested, I found a few pairs under $100 online:

  29. Just found your blog and I love it. Those pumps are gorgeous!!!!! ;)

  30. very nice shoes! i'm still looking for a perfect pair of nudes!

  31. And I'm back.

    The shoes look identical :O That is the point right? I'm starting to recognize girl heels because of the sheer amount of girl bloggers who write to me (and thus I read). I don't mind, I'm not those homophobic ppl or anything. More things to impress a girl with right?

  32. PS - I traded stationery with friends too.. except I was kind of a swindler :S I talked so many playground kids into scam deals, one time this guy had 50 pogs and the pog holder and I had a bunch of crap star trek pogs I got for free at mcdonalds. But I talked them up and shit, saying they were like limited edition blablabla includes captain picard and deanna troy (the councilor with the huge breasts) "which you as a guy obviously want", etc. etc. By the end the poor guy had like 10 pogs left :( I even swindled him out of the pog holder.

    I know I sound like I'm boasting about this story but really I'm sad I did that, if I could go back in time I would return the pogs to him.. sniff.

    I went through that korean phase just like you too - and then I got sick of all the diseases they threw into shows and dropped it. I'll always remain a jdrama fan~~

  33. Very pretty and a great deal too! That's really gooas as you said the craftmanship is amazing. Good shoes are hard to come by, I am glad you found your perfect nude pumps :)

  34. it's perfect. You're so lucky you got them on a cheaper price


  35. it's perfect. You're so lucky you got them on a cheaper price


  36. Hiya, oh no, I bought the blue version of the Mini Instax. Those aren't stickers though I can see how they look like stickers hehe

    Film is SO expensive. Even if I buy in bulk on eBay, I can only save a few pennies each. Hope you're having a ton of fun with yours. And do show us if you decide to decorate yours :D

  37. love it! i have pair too!

  38. Wow, what a steal you got! And I love how you wore it with a little slouchy sweater- so super chic :)

  39. Hi Jessy,
    I am from the Toronto area. Thanks to your tip, I found them at Centerpoint mall! They have size 5 in blush, and size 6 in black. size 5 was a little tight, and size 6 was too loose, even with a bit of insoles. So i'm going to freeze them in the refrigerator soon!

    they also have the same nude-colored pumps but with platforms (style called katrina). I passed on getting two nude pumps at the same time.

    the best part of the deal....they are down to $49.99 and with an additional 30%, I spent only $40 including tax!
    thanks for the tip!!! i love these!!!

  40. @michelle
    I KNOW! I was debating so hard whether to get the platform ones or not!!

    Yay for Centrepoint! Before I bought mine, I drove past it then realized they had The Bay there. I was kinda upset I didn't go in, but I found one closer to my area.

    Thanks for telling me about the price reduction! It's been over 7 days, but I'm gonna go price match it tmw. if that doesn't work, gonna get my mom to. :P

    Good luck freezing them!

  41. i've been searching high and low for the perfect pair of nude pumps!! i swear it is so difficult to find the right shade of nude!!

    yours are SO crazy sexy on you!! love your chunky knit sweater too so cute!

  42. jenny

    I randomly at the Bay at STC on Sunday and absolutely fell in love with a pair of Expression Christina heels in a black leather that has a reptile sort of print on it. They are so comfortable!

    I wanted the heels in blush so bad but they only had size 7 and I'm a size 6. I just tracked them down in Waterloo and fortunately have some friends there. You are so lucky you got them in size 6!!

  43. These are so pretty! I love that the heel height isn't too tall. I found my nude pumps at Target after seeing Jean of Extra Petite blog about them. They're a bit big, but for the price I can't complain :)

  44. ohh i have the same top but in white!

    - True

  45. @Lisa
    Aw, thanks Lisa : ) I actually ripped this sweater the other day. whoops.

    And Jenny - you are so lucky your friends can pick them up for you in Waterloo!!! haha If you had told me earlier, I would've suggested that you size down because these pumps have stretched on me!

  46. Those look so perfect :O I really want a pair of nude heels too.

    And are those synthetic or leather? Because I tried to stretch a right closed-toed shoe recently but it didn't do anything (I have the same issue as you, and I tried the Michelle Phan method). Am I doing something wrong? haha