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Lunch at Nak Won at First Markham Place. I love Korean food! Especially all the complimentary side dishes. ; ) I ordered the Kimchi Chigae, something I would not recommend to those who have a low tolerance for spicy foods. Hot sauce is a condiment I grew up with and can't have most meals without it. I put it on pasta, hot dogs, and all kinds of Asian food. And you should never ask me if something is spicy because what you consider very spicy can be super mild to me. ; )

What is your "go-to" condiment? I know some people love ketchup with everything...

Pocket tank: Costa Blanca | Lace bra: Cheap Monday | Skirt: Zara | Brogues: Aldo | Leather bracelets: Bleu Dame | Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses


  1. I love kimchi! However, it can be so spicy if you eat high amounts in one go!
    Gosh, i wish i could tolerate spicy food! I like sauce with my food, whether it's ketchop, BBQ or gravey, i can't stand dry food (if that makes sense)! xX

  2. ohh i love korean food too, esp the sides dishes they give you. im totally going out for some korean food tonight! lol!

    cute outfit too! very casual chic!

  3. Mine's hot sauce too...but specifically sriracha! Love that stuff to death. And ranch dressing, Hidden Valley light lol. The stew looks delish. I also love the little side dishes and the free refills!

  4. The side dishes is the reason why I even go to Korean places, haha. Who cares what's on the menu, just bring me some daikon radish!

  5. My tolerance for spicy food is kind of low...but I do like kimchi chigae~ so good! YUM!

    Cute outfit!!

  6. Cute outfit and yummy looking food! I love those little Korean side dishes!

    I like to put Frank's Red Hot sauce or Buffalo sauce on everything lately - so yum :)

  7. Jessy, your post made me drool! I LOVE Korean food! Their BBQ dishes are to die for! We have a store called H-Mart in MA that's pretty far from my house. It has a huge section of Korean ready-made, ready-cook food. I would buy every single kind to try. :) Go to condiment - definitely hot sauce (chilly pepper kind)!

  8. Definitely hot sauce! I like the Vietnamese style hot sauce (or the 'Asian' hot sauce in the large bottle with the green top.

    I love your outfit and I need to get more zara skirts in my closet!

  9. Super cute outfit!!

    Does cheese count as a condiment?! :p I used to love ketchup, but not so much anymore. I did try pineapple ketchup at a Korean/Hawaiian burger place last week...AMAZING!!

  10. wow that korean dish looks delicious!

  11. Craving Korean food now! :D I love soy-sauce but I wouldn't call it my go-to condiment since I wouldn't put it on everything...Hehehe. I also enjoy hot sauce too....Sriracha-style! :D

  12. I loveee kimchi, going to K-BBQ this weekend in so excited :D love your outfit so simple and chic!

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

  13. I love korean food ! and nice outfit :)

  14. haha I love Nak Won! One of my favourite Korean places to dine at - their apps always win my heart :)

    Love the cute, simple look!

  15. hahaha I feel perhaps this was a bit directed at me :P I'm a sorry excuse for an Indonesian - can't handle spice at all! LOL!!

    Looks so yummy!!! A little too far north for me to usually venture to though ;)

  16. Yumm...kimchi...delish! I like anything super spicy- so spicy that it makes my nose drip and my forehead sweat..LOL

  17. ahh kimchi chigae! i had korean food today too and i'm hungry again already from your pictures.

  18. @PinkOrchids
    Yes it makes total sense! I can't stand dry food either, which is why I'm not really a fan of rice.

    Love Sriracha!

    It was very good indeed and I'm surprised you like it when you have low tolerance for spicy foods!

    I received a sample of Frank's before, but I gotta say I prefer Tobasco sauce!!

    I love the Jap & Korean sections of Asian grocery stores! They always have such yummy snacks :D

    Yes, Sriracha! Goes great with pho : )

    LOL It could count as one I guess. ; ) I did NOT know pineapple ketchup existed..not a fan of pineapples so I won't be trying that any time soon.

  19. @LePetiteLemon
    I used to love soy sauce with Asian food, but for some reason, I don't put it in anything anymore!

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)
    LOL Elaine!! It was a total coincidence that I had spicy Korean food after our discussion at dinner. :P

  20. i love vinegar, and i swear i'm not pregnant!! haha!

    That's a cute top, is it two separate tops or one top together?