The Perfect Pump

I didn't want to make my previous post that photo-heavy, so this is sort of a "part two". Still talking about the Expression line by The Bay!

I took a few photos while I was getting my nude pumps there. I couldn't resist the beauties. I WANT THEM ALL!

* The pics below were taken with my iPod Touch so bear with me : )

My fave part? The 100% leather soles. No more sole grips! No more slips!
The "perfect shoe bag" is, pardon me, garbage.
Suede, animal skin, patent leather... omg.
A slight platform... I like!
This blue is absolutely gorgeous. *sigh*

This is just to inform my Canadian readers that many of the styles are really hard to find now! They'll probably restock as these seem like classics, but wait for price drops because they seem to drop rapidly during end of season sales. A reader of mine (see her comments in my last post) got my nude pumps for $20 less than I did! And I thought it couldn't get any cheaper... but then again, if I had waited any longer, my size would've been all gone (because I bought the last pair).

I hope you ladies find your perfect pumps soon! : ) (If you haven't already.)


  1. OMG..those blue shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Too bad I can't shop online. Otherwise, I'd totally snatch me a pair :)

  2. @PetiteLittleGirl
    I know! Such a disappointment. :( If only shoe sizes were universal..then I could help you get a pair.

  3. those royal blue pumps! I guess Canada has their perfect pumps and the US has perfect pumps (dominated by Ann Taylor)!

  4. oooh those do look like the perfect pump. i love the grey ones. xx

  5. Thanks Jessy, you've put these on my "to stalk" list now :P

    IF you happen to see these (any of these except the snakey ones :P ) pop up in a size 7 please message me - you're so much more resourceful than I am!! ;)

  6. beautiful shoes! I love the blue as well, so nice. I feel like these should be every girl's staple shoe. Btw, love how you compared them to the louboutins ;).

    and about the comment on my blog, I dont work at hm but my friend does! :)


  7. @PetiteAsianGirl
    Yes and I'm glad I finally discovered them. :P

    loL! I didn't know whether to call it grey or brown.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)
    I will def. tweet or bbm you!

    Every girl should definitely own a pair! : )

  8. I got a pair of grey (or taupe?) ones in peep toe style back in May. I paid the original price of 79.99 (uhhh!), but they're so comfortable and easy to match summer clothes. Today I went to the Bay and found them on clearance for 49.99 plus extra 30% off, which comes to 34.99 a pair. I'm a size 5 and they have black reptile skin, nude, and blue left. I got all three pairs for a little over 100 bucks.

  9. @Becky
    Wow Becky, I'm impressed! I should go check them out again and see if I want anymore. LOL

  10. ohh i love the blue! so bright. do you really prefer the leather sole? its sooo slippery! and my feet get so cold.

  11. @lica
    I don't understand how your feet can get cold? : ) but on the contrary, leather soles are what I prefer because they give me a good non-slip grip!