How fast is your hair dryer?

I recently received the ever popular HANAair Professional Air Dryer from Misikko and immediately washed my hair so I could test it out. A new hair dryer was long overdue as my old Conair one purchased from a drugstore takes forever to dry my hair.  Although I didn't time how long it took, it was quite obvious that this HANA one took less than half the amount of drying time than my Conair one. 
- 2 year warranty (though I highly doubt I'll need to use it during this time frame)
- much faster drying time than expected
- adjustable heat settings with a cool button to set your hair
- quieter than my previous hair dryer
- attachable nozzle for those days you want to be precise
- hair feels sleek & shiny after use

- quite heavy, especially when you have to dry long hair like mine
- cord is way too long and annoying to store because it takes forever to wrap/unwrap

Brian, of Misikko's marketing team, was extremely friendly and efficient throughout our email exchanges. I received my hair dryer within a week of shipment and everything was packaged neatly, securely, and beautifully. Misikko offers free shipping over $50 and free exchanges & returns.

Misikko was generous enough to offer a discount code to all of my readers. Use code DUSTPRINCESS to receive $10 off any $100+ order!

Lots of pink! Just the way I like it. ; )
  1. A little plastic greeting card with discount code on the back
  2. Scented fake flowers (my mom said it was soap! I don't know! haha)
  3. Sleeping mask
  4. Hand sanitizer and nail filers
  5. Heat proof pouch ($20 value), which I'll use to store my flat iron
  6. Three e.l.f. products: the Duo Eyeshadow Cream in "Coffee & Cream" (I used to have the exact same shade!), the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in "Perfect Pink", and the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in "Midnight" (always wanted to try this!).
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies/products mentioned in this blog post. All opinions are 100% honest.

Stay tuned for a highly requested hair tutorial coming up soon!


  1. Oh fun!! :) I actually don't use a hair dryer at the moment, but I've heard that the nice hair dryers are worth the money!

  2. lol i love all the little surprises that came in the package! glad you are enjoying the hair dryer. is it definitely a time saver compared to my old dryer.

    btw -- i ended not getting the fc coat. i got cold feet seeing that it was final sale.

  3. Can't wait to see your hair tutorial with this!

    I love how nicely packaged the Misikko products are!

    I also received the elf eyeliner and love it!! I never thought I could do black eyeliner until I tried this product. I am hooked! I want Misikko to sell elf products on their site! I would totally buy through them!

  4. that dryer is great esp for rush time in the morning....

    btw im having a giveaway

  5. Wow what a generous package! Man after seeing everyone's reviews I think mine isn't cutting it anymore but when you say it's heavy that won't work for me. If I want to straighten my hair it takes about an hour :(

  6. awesome! i just got the hair straightener from them and can't wait to review it when i get home from vaca. i'd love to see your hair styled with this!

    angie of pandaphilia fashion

  7. looks like an awesome blowdryer!!