Shoe Haul!

I bought these Elizabeth & James wedges (in black) last month and returned them because they were a smidge too small for me. I would've exchanged them for a bigger size if they still had it in stock! Boooo. :(

To replace the disappointing order, I found these Daniblack wedges (below) on Beyond the Rack (referral link). I check this website daily for great sales. They sell designer goods at a fraction of the price! New products & brands are uploaded daily and everything is on a first come, first serve basis.

For reference, I usually wear size 6-6.5 most shoes, size 5-6 at H&M (5.5 if they made half sizes!), and size 7 on very rare occasions. (Weird, right?) Let's just say I'm a 6-6.5 for simplicity's sake.
 Daniblack "Violet" wedges in black - Height: 3.75"
These peep-toe wedges retail for $225+ and come in a few different colours. The exterior is made of pony hair and it is just the SOFTEST material I have ever felt! I purchased these for way over half price, including shipping. The shoes are a little stiff at the beginning, but you just need to break them in. The sole is synthetic and feel slippery to the touch, but I haven't had a problem with slipping yet. I ordered these in 6.5 and they fit perfectly.
Dolce Vita "Tami" wedges - Height: 3.9"
I purchased these wedges on clearance at The Bay. They're currently having a HUGEEE shoe clearance and I'm quite proud to announce that I only purchased one pair. ; ) These wedges come in a number of colours online, but I only saw this black pair in person. I think they're perfect for summer and they're actually my first pair of espadrille shoes! The soles have a nice grip so there is definitely no slippage with these shoes.
H&M boots - Height: 3"
Everyone LOVES these shoes! People keep staring at them when I go out... and I even see people turn around and watch me walk away in these. LOL! I definitely don't regret this purchase. I'm not willing to splurge on my dream boots (Isabel Marant Dicker boots) right now, but I did find these adorable Chelsea* boots at H&M for $29.95 CAD.

* Chelsea boots are a style of boots that originated from the Victorian era. The boots have an elastic siding  to get rid of the inconvenience that laces often are.

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ASOS - Steve Madden - Jeffrey Campbell
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Jeffrey Campbell - Topshop - ASOS


  1. Love love love! Makes me want to go shoe shopping, which I usually hate doing! We wear the same shoe size :)

  2. i love those Jeffrey Campbell..
    such a lovely shoes

  3. lovee the shoes! i love wedges! they are practically the only things that don't hurt my feet

  4. Hot shoes! I especially like the DV wedges!

  5. Heheheh I love the ankle boots...but for some reason- I cannot wear them! Great shoe haul Jessy!

  6. these shoes your purchased really capture your style. love the peep toe wedges & the booties.

  7. these shoes are lovely! esp love the first pair. too bad about the elizabeth and james one :(

  8. @Lillian
    We can totally share shoes ; ) You're so lucky to be in New York right now! Shop your heart out!

    I know what you mean. It's good to have all around support when you're walking all day, but I'm so used to walking in all types of high shoes now.

    @Maggie ☮
    Yes! Those leopard print wedges are tdf!!

  9. @SewPetiteGal
    Thank you! They are so perfect for the summer.

    @Really Petite
    I'm sure you can rock them if you find the perfect pair, Annie!

    haha a lot of black certainly captures my style.

  10. Love the Elizabeth & James wedges. so good!
    Definitely should pop over to J.Crew even if the prices are bonkers, worth a browse.


  11. I want new shoes!!

    - But. I like need sneakers and running shoes instead of cute shoes.. - which I don't have anyway 55

  12. Hi Jessy,

    Since you had quality issue with H&M, Forever 21, ALdo, etc..
    I thought I share these pair of Steve Madden boots, which I been also eyeing...Just thought I share.

  13. @cookies
    Hi cookies! Thank you for your kind comments. <3 I actually JUST purchased these booties (click here) and wore them for the first time today! Yours is a great alternative that I will definitely keep in mind if my own pair ever wears out. :D Thanks again!