Leopard, Leopard, Leopard!

Leopard has been one of my favourite prints this year. My little leopard print collection has been growing slowly and I'm not afraid to add more!

Leopard has quickly become the new neutral as it's such an easy print to incorporate into any outfit, whether it be a clutch, a pair of shoes, or a hat.
Have you tried this print out yet?
[images from my Tumblr]
There is a difference between leopard print and cheetah print. Cheetahs have simple & solid black spots, whereas leopards have a more complex pattern - more of a black outline surrounding a dark brown shade.

Click: cheetah vs leopard

My latest obsession? Snakeskin.

Is your closet lacking leopard print? Here are a few pieces under $100 to get you started:
Upper 5th dress - ASOS belt - River Island scarf - Jessica Simpson bracelet - INC faux fur coat - Aldo clutch - DSW wedges


  1. I have only a few leopard pieces and I look forward to wearing them this fall. Love all the pictures in this post!

  2. i love leopard print and definitely need to add more pieces to my closet!

    cute & little

  3. Everyone's been buying the Steve Madden ones left and right! I'm a bit more stinge on the trend and have been eying the ALDO version, haha.

  4. I am loving leopard too! Never knew there was a difference..thanks Jessy!

  5. Nice looks!


  6. Yes I am! Are you from Markham too?

  7. i am obsessed w/ leopard! i have to make a conscious effort not to wear it everyday! xx

  8. I'm always a fan of leopard!! doesn't matter what season haha love the last picture btw!

  9. I need some leopard loafers NOW! <3

    YOUR EYES LIE GIVEAWAY at my blog!


  10. I've been loving leopard print too! but I just have one scarf...and its black and white...so its neither leopard or cheetah!??! LOL

    you have so much leopard print...you could be a leopard for halloween or lend me something to wear haha :P