October 2011 Zara TRF Lookbook

Here are some of my favourite looks from Zara's TRF Lookbook.
The coated trousers above are $59.90 USD (a bit pricey, imo). Burgundy & mustard are perfect for the fall season. I think these colours will undoubtedly go well with most things in anyone's closet.

Low boots, sheer tops, and lots of leg. These looks are simple, but are very well done.

#1 - tulle skirt, $59.90 USD
#2 - jacquard loom trousers, $49.90 USD
#3 - tube dress, $59.90 USD
#4 - same tube dress (under), in black
#5 - studded shirt, $49.90 USD; zip skirt, $39.90 USD

I love Zara and many of the pieces above, but I honestly wouldn't pay full price for them. Those prices are in USD, but regardless of how strong our Canadian dollar is, it'll still be $5-$10 more here. A cheaper alternative is almost always available at H&M, which is why I go there more often. What are your thoughts on Zara?


  1. Those sheer tops are gorgeous!

    I have only gone into Zara a few times, but have never bought anything. When I have been there, I have already been shopping for awhile and scored lots of deals, so the full prices do not interest me. But I have seen so many bloggers wearing Zara, I am interested in giving them another try!

  2. i've never been able to find a good sale at my Zara (small sizes run out almost instantly!). i really love those burgundy pants in their new collection and will have to try those out!

    cute & little

  3. style-wise, I love looking at the models in the store and on their website. it's very professional yet trendy. just a right amount of basic, fashion, and fabric quality.

    as of now, i'm still a student, and it's hard to fit professional-looking clothes into my wardrobe. even during my internship, I feel that zara's wardrobe is too dressy for some offices.

    size-wise, their smallest top doesn't really fit me that well, and their pants/jeans/skirt is either too small or too large.

    I don't think their stuff is worth paying the full price - especially when the fit isn't right. when things are on sale...I can never find my sizes.

    I'm hips that always have trouble deciding between a 2 and a 4 at H&M, lol.

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  5. @Michelle
    I love sheer tops! The things that I've purchased from Zara always end up being returned. I'm shopping in their kids department more frequently now, but even some of those things are a tad overpriced.

    I agree that sizes run out fast, but even most of their XS items don't fit me well. :(


    I agree with your opinion on their style. I love the looks they put together both online and on mannequins. Their smallest sizes don't fit me too, which is why I go for the kids section or the pieces that look good "oversized".

  6. Um - yes to those Mustard pants please. They are gorgeous! The sheer tops are amazing too. Gosh - I feel the urge to shop again ;) Thanks for sharing.


  7. I don't have a Zara near me so I've been really interested in what all the bloggers have been saying about it. I love the coated trousers - the range of colors they have are so perfect for fall!

  8. Its still one of my fav stores that their stuff is usually overpriced for the quality. They're always so on-trend though! I'm a fan of the coated trousers - great alternative to a leather pant

  9. I like that coat w/the leopard collar....

    I wonder how those mustard pants fit... I still have yet to own anything from Zara

  10. i have been on the hunt for a burgundy knit sweater! i love Zara

    love from San Francisco,

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  12. I agree with you. Zara items are likely expensive and I could probably find something similar at H&M for less the price. I love browsing through Zara but I wouldn't pay for the price.