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A couple of posts ago, I wore an outfit with my new H&M jacket. This post features its matching skirt! :D I personally like the skirt better and am contemplating on whether to keep them both or return the blazer. What do you think? They look great both together and as separates.
H&M tee, skirt, knee socks, & boots (so much H&M in one outfit!!)
[Similar skirt by See by Chloe | Similar knee socks by DKNY | Similar boots @ Topshop]
Beanie: ASOS (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (similar) | Leather jacket: N/A (similar @ ASOS)
Bag: Alexander Wang (here in white) | Tights: Joe Fresh | Ring: YSL (here in green)
One of my new leather jackets! This is made of synthetic leather. I couldn't find a decent price for this style in real leather, so resorted to this synthetic one. I'm typically all for real leather jackets, but couldn't resist this particular style. : )
I've been a fan of scrunching knee socks lately, if you couldn't tell from my last outfit post. If you've been following me since the beginning, you already know that I'm a fan of all kinds of hosiery. I'm not shy about wearing different patterns and textures when it comes to tights, socks, and leggings.

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  1. I really like this look :) Looks casual yet stylish :)

  2. I think the skirt is adorable and works so well with that jacket!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  3. If you are loving both, keep them!

    Again, I love the non-traditional styling of the tweed! That jacket is amazing!! Ah!!

  4. Really like your jacket! Are those stretchy bands running down the arms? Looks pretty cool :)

  5. I adore both of them, especially the blazer! Although wearing them together would look great, I love when you wear it separately :)

  6. I adore that jacket and handbag. The skirt with the jacket looks nice. I like the mixture of fabrics and textures.

  7. i love the skirt and the scrunching of the socks is so cute!

    cute & little

  8. I like the jacket more, but both pieces are cute.

  9. awesome leather jacket~!

    please come by

  10. Such a lovely post, I like these photos! Great sense of style!

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  11. personally i prefer the jacket more than the skirt. And I think that together match perfectly with a plain black T and big chain necklace,right?

    saludos desde buenps aires,

  12. I say keep them both Jessy, I love this outfit!!! You have the proportions for the sock scrunching, I think I would look stubby LOL!

  13. I know you're talking about the skirt in this post, but I can't help but FALLING IN LOVE with your jacket! The details are amazing :D

    ps. I say keep both (the blazer and the skirt) but wear them separately with more casual pieces like what you've done so far :)

  14. Such a cute outfit Jessy. I love your leather jacket!

  15. I know what you mean about leather jackets being expensive in that style. I have one from Danier and I got it for 200 bucks...and even then, it was on sale from $399!!

    I felt guilty but I wear it all the time so I guess it can be a good investment.

    Anyways, great blog!! :)

  16. thanks for your comment on my blog, jessy! i'll be following yours :)


  17. I like the jacket portion more than the skirt but I'm not sure why. If you love it, keep it :)

  18. @Michelle
    What a tough decision! Maybe I *will* end up keeping both, but I'm still leaning towards the skirt.

    Yes they are! Thanks, Lil!

    Thanks Den! I've actually worn the jacket that way before. : ) Thank you for the suggestion!

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)
    LOL Elaine! Don't say that!! Try scrunching thinner/shorter socks : )

    Thanks Kristy! :D

    @Samantha Lui
    For real leather, paying the hundreds for a it is a good investment. Leather lasts a long time and wears SO well. : )

  19. Jessy, I live in downtown, close to harbourfront area. I am happy to get to know more Toronto bloggers :D

  20. beautiful outfit! I love it!!
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  21. Great outfit! Very stylish! xx

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  23. That's a pretty stellar leather jacket. Is is leather? I haven't been in H&M in awhile. I've currently been obsessing over Zara.

    I've added you to my favorite international blogs. I can't wait to check out future posts from you!

    The Queen of Hearts

  24. I think the skirt, which looks like it belongs to a suit and the hardcore jacket, gives it an interesting dynamic.

  25. cute jacket! :)

  26. I love the detailing on that jacket!

    I say keep the blazer and return the skirt.

  27. Looks really good!! :) I liked the way you paired the skirt. I say... keep both!! :)

  28. Need to see a picture of them together, Jessy! Why would you return one if they look good together? Just remember you'll never be able to pair them up again if you return one. :(

  29. Thank you all for the feedback. <3 I appreciate every single comment. Still a tough choice (for me) between the skirt & jacket. I've been looking into patterned skirts lately, which is probably why I'm leaning more towards the skirt.

    Thanks for the input, Vicky! They look good together, but the skirt would be too short in a professional I wouldn't know where to wear it the full set. =\ I really like your reasoning though..

  30. cute jacket!! i love the sleeves. i cant believe its from h&m! looks like its a $300+ jacket! xx

  31. gorgeous, you're so adorable!
    love the sock scrunching hehe shame its getting too hot here to wear hosiery :(
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  32. Loving the details on the jacket, so edgy! Drooling over your AW bag, so gorgeous. Love the whole outfit ;)

  33. lovely outfit!you look so cute!

  34. Leather jacket is so beautiful on you! Keep the skirt - you wear it well.

  35. Hey darling!
    Such a PERFECT blog!
    You´re soo beautiful!
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