Trendy Tuesday: Fur

From outwear to gloves and hats to shoes, every woman has to incorporate some sort of fur into their wardrobe this year.  You can go all out or be more subtle about it.  Some people like their furs faux and others prefer the luxury of real fur. I have both types of fur in my closet: my Canada Goose jacket uses real coyote fur and my H&M vest and collar use faux fur.

Here are some products you can use to update your fall/winter wardrobe.
ASOS | Topshop | UGG | FCUK (I have this!)

Juicy Couture | LOFT | Only Mine | Spirit Hoods

Are you embracing this trend, or is fur just too much for you?
Are you more into faux fur, real fur, or do you not care?

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  1. I love faux loving the fur scarves and collars retailers are coming out with...I just bought one from Loft and want to buy another fur neckwarmer from them. I think it just looks so luxurious but still practical. And I refuse to buy real fur, even with gloves and earmuffs because I have a rabbit and I can't stand the thought of him being killed for clothing. But that's just my own personal view.

  2. love faux fur for the winter... but havent found any yet! xx

  3. Wow- it's actually cold enough in CA right now for faux fur! I only like the faux fur collar on me...LOL

  4. @Jarucha
    It's great that you refuse to buy real fur! Faux fur is such a chic & cheaper alternative.

  5. waaah, these would be perfect for winter, I love this collection <33

  6. I need more faux fur in my life!! I actually don't own any.. Definitely this winter will be time for a change. :)

  7. Ooh love the fur trend. I was actually looking for the perfect vest all throughout winter, but didn't find one, and now it's too hot to wear one haha. Definitely will get one next winter! (I live in Australia btw, so it's summer soon). :)


  8. I love those fur gloves on first photo :)
    Have a spectacular day,