Trendy Tuesday: Zara Evening Looks

I'm loving Zara's recent lookbook featuring evening wear. Ahhhh :D Soo pretty. Here are the pieces and prices (USD).
Blouse: $59.90 | Blazer: $89.90 | Dress: $89.90
I love the first look.
Blouse & shorts: $79.90 & $59.90 | Dress: N/A | Dress & boots: $99.90 & $159
Loving the first look!!
Dress: $159 | Blouse & heels: $79.90 each | Dress: $159
Love the 2nd & 3rd looks!

The prices are a bit steep for me, so I'm gonna pass on these items even though I love the blouses, pink blazer, and the last dress. Will you be picking anything up from this collection?

Photos from Zara; modified by me.

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  1. I bought the sequin skirt in the blush tone- hope it fits...are u familiar withy the TRF sz XS?

  2. Oohh i love the pink blazer! But im so petite that none of the zara blazers fits me :( im like floating in it lol.

  3. I pretty much love the same looks as you do. I love Zara, I wish I could make the store my closet

  4. I like the first look in the first set of pics and the second look in the third row of pics. Such clean lines.

  5. I've been eyeing all their pieces! <3

  6. That last dress is legitimately AMAZING. I want Zara to have a sale before NYE so I can snag it - what a gorgeous silhouette!

  7. I love Zara, but I don't own many pieces from there. The prices for this line are definitely a little too steep!

  8. I love the androgynous look and the blouse! The asymmetrical dress is cute too. Zara always has sale after couple weeks later. Just wait until they go on sale ;)

  9. I'm pretty torn about Zara, actually. I like most of their collection as it's nicely on trend without being overly flamboyant but then the prices kill me. I mean, I can get actual designer items for Zara's MSRP (for example, I saw a YSL wool scarf for only $60 - didn't buy as I have too many already :) And the quality... yeah... not nearly as good as you'd imagine for the exorbitant price.

  10. @Really Petite
    Out of the TRF things I've tried on, XS seems to fit pretty small.

    I totally understand your pain. :( I wish they made size 00 / XXS./

    @JJ & Sidney Salim
    If they had a sale, I doubt these gorgeous pieces would still be in stores.. :( Good luck!

    I totally agree with you. You can get a lot of designer items (on sale) with Zara reg. prices.