White Boyfriend Blazer

I've been searching long and hard for the perfect white blazer that actually fits. I've come across plenty of them at H&M and Zara, but quality & pricing usually deter me from them. Zara blazers are always nice, but most of them should be a smidge smaller in order to convince me to pull out my credit card.

Lo and behold, I found one at Urban Outfitters by chance. Thanks to the incredibly detailed reviews on the site, I ended up purchasing the XS and it fits like a glove. This blazer is available from XS to L and comes in TEN colours. I purchased this with a gift card I had and used Mr. Rebates (referral) for 3% cashback. (Thanks Elle, for forwarding this package to me! $20 shipping is ridic.)
Leather jacket: Danier | Fur collar: H&M | Blazer: Silence & Noise | Tee: Cheap Monday | Jeans: Cheap Monday (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors (similar) | Boots: H&M (similar at ASOS) | Bag: Alexander Wang (here in granite)

Blazer Measurements (size XS)
Shoulder width: ~ 14.5"
Length: ~ 23.5"
Sleeves (from underarm): ~ 15.5"

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  1. The blazer does look very lovely on you, Jessy! I haven't found a white boyfriend blazer that fits me properly yet. I might have to look into this one. It helps that UO reduced the total order amount to $50.00 for free shipping instead of $150.

  2. SO glad you finally found a white blazer you like. It looks lovely on you.

  3. it reminds me a lot like a doctor's white coat haha. you should check out ann taylor - i got my structured 00P white one for $30.

    i like your moto jacket and snood combo a lot

    pandaphilia style

  4. i kept looking at that blazer every time i went into urban outfitters! haha. i have meaning to buy a white blazer for a while now. looks great!


  5. The blazer and top are amazing!! I love them! And they look really good on you too :)

  6. Perfect fit for you! UO is one of my fave stores so I'm glad you found what you were looking for there.

  7. you look so chic in that white boyfriend blazer! i wish i could wear something like that but i'm such a klutz and careless that i would get it stained in a heartbeat. xx

  8. I love the white blazer and what you paired it with.


  9. super cute blazer!! it could go with SO many outfits!!

  10. I am lusting for your leather jacket!! Ah!

    Love the white blazer, as well! It looks so cute with the tee!

  11. Wow, 10 colors? I definitely have to check that out! This looks so great paired with the graphic tee - edgy chic as usual :)

  12. Hehe I got this back in August and I love it! I've had the black version for a while now. Just be careful with wearing dark tops under the white blazer, it might bleed !

  13. It looks great on you Jessy! I'll def check it out:)

  14. love it!


  15. It looks great. There's a beautiful white blazer at Zara that I try on each time I walk by, but spills just seem attracted to crisp, white clothes ...

  16. The white blazer looks amazing!

  17. I love that white blazer on you!!

    I recently picked up a white one at H&M. But I have only worn it 3 times... Super scared that I'll spill something on it LOL

  18. Your blazer is so pretty! And I love how you also wore a leather jacket over it. I would have never thought to wear a leather jacket over a blazer :)

  19. just saw your question - no i'm not viet. i'm chinese. you??

  20. @PetiteLittleGirl
    I know, but most of the free shipping deals are for the US. :'(

    We don't have AT here so it'd be a hassle if the things don't fit!

    You should totally get it! I love how it feels and fits :D

    I'm very careful when it comes to any colour clothing! I hope this doesn't get stained for a very long time.. if ever. LOL

    I know! I wanna collect all the colours, but that'd be extremely impractical since they don't have buttons. I do like the style of this in white though. :D

    I know, but since it'll be on the inside, I don't mind THAT much. I'll still be extra careful though. :P

    I saw the white H&M one too, but it felt more flimsy to me than this UO one!

  21. WOW - I really love the addition of the fur collar on that leather jacket, look so glam. You are beautiful!

    I am having a giveaway over at my blog, it's something that you are probably already familiar with but would love for you to stop by anyways ;) Thanks!

  22. If I didn't find my perfect white blazer a month ago, I would be DYING over this right now. After searching for probably a year, I located it! :) Really, nothing can beat a good blazer.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. eeeyayy! i love this outfit on you. you should smile more! you have such a cute smile!

  24. Jessy, the white blazer looks so amazing on you. It looks a million times better on you than on the model. I especially like the look in which you incorporated the fur vest!

  25. Thank you so much Jessy for the measurements! I'm going to pass on it but I love the look of it on you!

  26. @Bonnie
    Would love to know where you found yours! : )

    Thanks Elle! I wasn't so convinced about it from the model, but after reading SOO many good reviews, I had to try it!

  27. I saw a friend's friend with that blazer too...and its really similar to the Wilfred blazer I almost bought yesterday (but held back!!). Really glad I didn't buy it...I'm gonna need to try your blazer some time!! ;)