Trendy Tuesday: Animal Print Pants

During the winter season, we're all likely to dress in plain, dark, neutral colours. Even worse, we cover up our outfits with a big, most likely solid-coloured, coat. A great way of sprucing up your outfit would be to wear animal-print pants. You don't have to be daring to pull off this trend, as you can easily find a pair with the pattern & colour combo of your choice.

GĂ©raldine Saglio pulled this off well with an animal-print bottom and neutral top.
Over $100
Joe's Jeans | Current/Elliott | J Brand | Rebecca Minkoff | Current/Elliott
Under $100
Topshop | Tripp NYC | Alloy | Tripp NYC | BDG

Do you think you can pull this off? ; )

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  1. I definitely can't pull this off! but that girl in the picture certainly can :)

  2. lovely outfit love i like your blog as well

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  3. I wish I could! ):

  4. I would definitely wear it in the subtle way she does. I was this close to picking up a grey pair from Gap awhile back!

  5. why do i love loose blouses like this?

  6. Not me. I'll be too self conscious that I'm wearing animal print pant.

  7. @Tang
    I think I know which pair you're talking about. I actually DID pick up that pair, but ended up returning it because the sale wasn't good enough.

    I'm with you. The material and drape are just SO perfect. Loveee <3

  8. I saw them at GAP on sale n tried it out.. I cant pull it off :-( It does look good though.

  9. Love this post, such a lovely blog btw.

  10. great outfit !!

  11. Great inspiration!
    Love the outfit!

    With love, Samm