Trendy Tuesday: Sheer

Try showing skin in a subtle way with sheer garments. We've been seeing it on every fashion blog and runway, and this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down. Sheer blouses are my fave, but with sheer tops comes the need for the proper undergarments. Some choose to hide it all with a nude camisole underneath, while others like showing off a good bra. When done right, sheer pieces can look classy and mature. Do you agree?

Jil Sander | Acne | Bebe | T by Alexander Wang
West Coast Wardrobe | Bobeau | Halston Heritage | American Apparel

Dyingggg for that Acne blouse.
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  1. I completely agree, I've seen it done wrong before and it was not good! ha.

    I love this trend though :) lovely post.

  2. I like the cami look!! The 'show your undergarment' look can be tacky if not done tastefully, which is so difficult!!

  3. I completely agree with your post. Though IMO, I wish the whole sheer lace pattern never existed! I have seen it worn wrong so, so many times.

    Regardless though, no matter how many phases I go through, sheer clothing is always my favourite :)

  4. Yes, I totally agree with you! Sheer can be fabulous, but it has to wear in th eright way!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  5. Love sheer tops! The look can totally be classy and not too revealing. Thanks for the picks!

  6. too many people where it wrong, but sheer can be great when worn right. you're so right.
    i'm just not one of those people that can pull it off haha


  7. Totally agree! If style wrong, it can be a big no no!

  8. I def can only wear a sheer top with a nude cami otherwise it would just be inappropriate- especially for a work place. I love these Trendy Tuesday posts!

  9. I actually really love the look of a sheer blouse with a decorative bra/bralette/tube bra underneath, but PN is quite opposed, haha. This outfit( has recently reignited my interest in sheer items and I'm now on a hunt for something similar!

  10. @Dianne
    Sheer lace done right can look really good though!

    I love that top as well! I saw it on sale at UO, but I can't wear anything without a bra. lol!

  11. I love sheer tops, can't get enough of them either!