Beauty Products of February

GlossyBox recently launched in Canada and I had the pleasure of enjoying their first "Box"!  February's package included six new products for me to test out. At only $15/month for five different beauty products (that's $3 each!)...and free shipping, you really have nothing to lose!

My package came beautifully packaged (and they always will!). I love love love the pink box it came in. The box is shoebox-sized and extremely sturdy. If you're not sure about the beauty products in your box, at least you have a great box for storing your jewelry/makeup/other items! I am dead serious. : )
My favourite product out of the bunch is the Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Moisturizing Stick. My lips are dry a lot of the time, which results in a bit of peeling. I've gone through so many different brands of lip balms - from Soft Lips to Chapstik - and none of them have worked on my lips. This one worked wonders for me! The colour is sheer and the scent is very subtle, which I appreciate. I use this product on the daily.

The next product I tested out was Essie's Neo Whimsical polish. I haven't painted my nails for over a year now because I didn't want to damage them any further. (Used to change colours every two weeks!) Essie is a popular nail polish brand, but this was my first experience with it. The polish chipped within three days, which I've never experienced with OPI or China Glaze polishes. That was the only negative about this. Otherwise, I received a lot of compliments on this very pretty colour. : )

The final products I tried were the Beauty So Clean Sanitizer Mist and Sanitizer Wipes.  These sanitizers help remove bacteria build-up on both powder- and cream-based products. Both products are very quick & easy to use. They're around $12 each, so recommend them to anyone who uses their beauty products frequently.

The products I haven't tried (so cannot review) are the Oscar de la Renta Live in Love body lotion, the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Night Anti-Aging Restorative Cream, and the Ahava Skincare Mineral Hand Cream. Two reasons: I did not enjoy the scents of the body lotion or hand cream and I don't use anti-aging creams.

Canadian friends - It's completely free to sign up! Your subscription to GlossyBox will begin once you've decided to pay. You may cancel at any time.

American friends - GlossyBox will launch in the US soon. You can get on the waitlist here.

Disclaimer: The GlossyBox was gifted to me for review consideration. I am not paid for this review.

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  1. Wow what a beautiful box!! And you are right, $15 is a good deal for all those products. Considering a bottle of essie is about $10 or more already.. Wow what great deals! I love that lipstick colour and nail polish shade. I never heard of GlossyBox, I'll check it out now. Thanks for sharing! Xo

  2. The packaging is so impressive. I have just signed up for Luxe Box and looking forward to receiving my first package in a couple of weeks. Do you subscribe to Luxe Box too? Wonder which ones are better. Thanks for the heads up for Glossy Box. One more for me to consider getting.

  3. that's nice! I read about this concept before and was always wondering if it's worth it. How long have you been a subscriber and how was the past boxes?

    btw I just started my beauty and fashion blog. I only have very few entries so far and I'm still new to blogging :) hope you can visit me sometimes and give your comments!

  4. @Small Town Gal
    I am not subscribed to any beauty box, but judging from this February one, Glossy Box looks very promising.

    As Glossy Box only just launched in Canada, this was my first box. : )

  5. apparently, anti-aging products can work wonders especially if you haven't aged yet. it's supposedly great prevention. but i can take that anti-age cream off your hands ;) i'm 22 going on 55, with the way i stress myself out.

    kidding aside, i am totally going to sign up because i love stuff that's so cheap it's practically free.

    ps: with essie polishes, i always have to use a good solid coat or two of topcoat. it helps a lot. :)

  6. @jae
    I've heard great things about anti-age creams! I know it's great to use it as a prevention method, but really...coming from an Asian background (where Asian women look 10 years younger than they really are).. and judging from the great skin of the women in my family, I don't think I need this product just yet! Or maybe I just need a good persuader to push me in the general direction of anti-age-anything.

    Thanks for the Essie tip! I'll keep that in mind for future polishes. ; )

  7. ah..i have the asian skin thing too...only sometimes it seems the women in my family go to bed with young skin and wake up old. yikes! nobody in my family really did anything about prevention, so i'm being proactive. i think the one thing i always do is sunscreen though, no matter the weather/season. the best i've found is this one kiehl's's like super fluid or something? (can't remember the name for the life of me). it's 60spf but it's liquidy, not creamy/oily. i recommend, as an anti-aging-prevention method! just mix it with moisturizer or foundation or'll keep the asian skin young as ever ;D

  8. @jae
    Prevention is a good idea. ; ) I agree about the sunscreen thing, but ashamed to admit that I frequently forget to wear it. :( I'll have a look into the Kiehl's one... been looking for a good facial sunscreen for SO long. Thanks!