Quick New Purchases (and sale alert!)

If you missed my previous post and introduction of Stylemint, click here. I love MKA's designs so much I purchased two more tees with one of their "buy one, get one" promotions last month. Even though the tees are basic, all of them have a unique design to them that will make your basic, casual outfits stand out. Designs include asymmetric tees, cut-out ones, striped, and so on. Stylemint not only offers basic t-shirts, but they have sunglasses, dresses, and skirts too - all with "basic", but unique, designs.

Here are the latest two shirts I purchased.
Berlin T in heather grey w/navy stripes - Size 1
This tee is in also comes in white with red stripes. It's a 3/4 length sleeve with a slightly boxy fit. I've worn this a few times already and my bf thinks it looks amazing under blazers.
Victoria T - White w/black pocket - Size 1
I was sooooo excited when I saw this on Stylemint. It's very similar to the leather pocket I wanted to DIY before - but better because of the contrasting back. This tee also comes in heather grey with a white pocket & back. This basic tee will definitely be getting a lot of wear.

EXCITING NEWS! Stylemint (referral) is having a warehouse sale (ends Monday) and select items are only $19.99 with the code MEMDAYSM. The Berlin T (above) is included in the sale, if you like that tee. And as always, free shipping to the US. Shipping to Canada is $9.99.

Have you purchased from Stylemint yet?

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  1. These are both fabulous selections!! I've been looking at Stylemint forever - maybe these have convinced me to take the plunge :)

  2. That's a hot Tshirt! (the one with black pocket). I just registered but it didn't come out as "my style" :( I wonder if it's really not my style or it's sold out now? lol



  3. Love your picks! I have yet to jump on the bandwagon, but I foresee a purchase in the near future :) xx

  4. oh wow!! i am so tempted looking at your other post too!! xox P


  5. Nice buys! Really like the first top! xX

  6. @Katherine
    You should! They have great tees that are super comfy. : )

    @Ayumi Lafser
    Some of the shirts take a bit of searching because they come out with new designs each month. (Or it could be sold out) :(