Buy One Get One Free at StyleMint

StyleMint (referral) is having a promotion that lasts from now until 11:59PM PST (2:59AM EST) tomorrow night. If you want to take advantage of this promo, you have to choose at least one of the tees posted below and then add any other StyleMint item (dresses, skirts, & leggings too!) of your choice to your order. In case you didn't know this already, all of StyleMint's items are designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
I already own the Berlin T, which I absolutely loveeee. I wore it today! (see below) You can barely see it, but I also wanted to show you how this Zara jacket in XS fits me. It was the last one in store and I was so disappointed to learn that the zipper was ripped off. I would've purchased it if they offered a steep discount (I could replace the zipper), but they told me that Zara NEVER (caps lock necessary) gives discounts. Can someone who works there (or know someone who does) verify this for me?
For this promotion, I ordered the Sunset T in black (first photo; bottom left) and the Gypsy Kimono in white/navy (below). Unfortunately, this is for US & Canadian customers only as they don't ship to other countries. The coupon code is SM1TFREE and it's open to all StyleMint members, new or old.
I hope you take advantage of this promotion! I already own three items from StyleMint and the two I just purchased will be here shortly. :D Let me know what you ordered!

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  1. I got the same thing last year. I tried on this lovely dress with a broken zipper. I somehow managed to get into it without pulling it down and was told the same by the rep. I think she might have offered 10% off and no returns but I could be making that up.

  2. I used to work at Zara about 4 years ago, and they used to offer a 10% discount on heavily damaged items and it would be final sale. If it's a small stain or a rip at a seam, they usually send it out to be fixed if you request it. I guess it's changed since then!

  3. @Anonymous
    Wow, that totally sucks! I wonder why they have this policy in place. It'd make us customers so much more satisfied!

    @Joanna Le
    Oh that's good to know! I wonder why they changed this policy then.. hmm

  4. Jess, I love how the jacket fit on you. Is it the same one as you linked to the website? The website one looks a bit military green to me, while yours is more khaki. It's really stupid for them to not give you any discount for the jacket. It probably means that they don't have problems of offloading their inventory.

  5. @Vicky
    Yes it's the same jacket! Just poor lighting and bad camera phone. :P