Chiffon Colourblocked Shirt

Chiffon colourblocked shirt c/o Mexy (Use JESSY for 5% off) | Engraved heart bracelet c/o My Name Necklace (JESSY8 for 8% off)
Longchamp Le Pliage Large in navy | Ray-Ban cockpit sunglasses (similar) | Bleu Dame cross bracelet
I've been on a sleeveless blouse craze lately.  You've seen me in them here and here already and there will be more. Trust me.  They're just so easy to wear during scorching hot weather.  You can wear them casually with the front tucked into shorts or jeans, and you can wear them tucked into a pencil skirt. Sleeveless blouses are truly versatile for the summer (and throughout the year!). What's your go-to summer piece?
In other news, my lovely photographer's (aka my boyfriend) birthday is tomorrow! I'm excited to give him his gift! It was purchased almost a month ago and I've been itching to give it to him. If I remember, I'll share pics of it in my next post. : )

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  1. the shoes are fantastic! i love the whole look!


  2. Sleeveless button ups are definitely one of my staple pieces. Whenever I see them in various colors, I get them. They are pretty versatile and can be worn all year around! I love the way you styled yours! :)


  3. Cute outfit! I love these pics – the colors are beautiful.

  4. Oh! I love that blouse! Is it just a one-size item? Is it machine washable? The price is great! I have been curious about branching out into online retailers lately...I love the pricing at that website!

    Happy birthday to your boyfriend! :)

  5. love the look! very chic thx for sharing :)

    check out my page for my mini maybelline giveaway open to all Canadians:

  6. Such a cute outfit! I got a similar sleeveless blouse from Mexy =) I've been wanting some maroon colored pants too! Enjoy celebrating your bf's bday!

    Suzie Q

  7. You look adorable, I love how you styled your outfit!

  8. Love the shirt and shoes!!!

  9. i love your blouse! i tried to use the discount code for mexy but it didn't work for me :(

  10. You got a adorable pants color and love you bags too :-)

  11. @Anonymous
    Thank you for letting me know! I've contacted Mexy about this and you're able to email them about the situation for a 5% refund. Hope that helps! : )

  12. Two of my favourites.. a deep red and leopard print!

  13. Love your outfit!!! The blouse is very nice and I love how you matched it with dark maroon pants and a dark blue navy bag. Looks so effortless but something I wouldnt be able to think of and pull off. -_-

  14. Hello my long long time blog friend,

    I like the picture where you are peeping over the bridge in sunglasses. That's cute~ I dont wear sunglasses because I'm quite shy and I dont think it suits my personality (does that even make sense?). But if I was of course I would wear aviators because top gun was one of the coolest movies ever. Can men wear wayfarers? Or is that women only. I dunno these things.

    I would like to respond to you. I love Britain because I think it's completely bizarre how I grew up in a colony. I saw the weirdest shit; caucasian british soldiers with machine guns guarding a military base while I was going to school, the TV channels being forced to play a short clip of the Queen riding a horse (to extoll British governance), etc. It's weird and I like weirdness.

  15. I do follow the batman movies! I saw all of them multiple times and loved it. I saw all the old ones too (George Clooney really was a horrible choice for Batman regardless of how good looking he is. That just made no sense to me at all. Val Kilmer however was a good one). I remember seeing Edison in it hahahaha~ Dont respect that lad at all but still kinda proud one of us asians made it to the big screen right? Better than nothing. He's a hongkonger too!

    My best blog posts are determined by me. No stats or comments... just me :) Too bad I didn't go see any celebs at the film festival last year, I was too tired to wait 7+ hours lol. turtle old man now (much older than jessy).

  16. Happy (early) birthday to your boyfriend! Hope you both have a great day.

    I saw a lovely sleeveless blouse on an incredibly chic girl on the bus today (that sounded way creepier than it is!); and seeing this one on you has cemented it: must buy summer chiffon-esque sleeveless shirt. :)

  17. Super cute outfit, jessy! Love the blouse. Looks like a piece that can be dressed up or down. Please do share what you got for your bf. Im terrible with gifts, so I love getting ideas.

  18. Hey everyone! It looks like I made a mistake when I gave out the coupon code. It's actually JESSY and not "JESSY5", as I had originally put down. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    I totally agree, Michelle! Thank you!

    Thank you, Michelle! It does seem to be a one size item, but Mexy offers very thorough measurements of their items in all sizes. The tag says hand wash and to dry flat, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I usually put delicate items together on the gentle cycle of the washing machine. : )

    Yes, the prices at Mexy are unbeatable!

    haha not creepy at all, Lauren! ; ) I love seeing what other people are wearing. It gives me great ideas and inspiration!

    Thank you, Ping! My gift for him was more tailored to his personal tastes and hobbies, but I look forward to sharing it with you all! :D

  19. What an adorable outfit from head to toe. I really like how you accessorize and especially the leopard flats. You look gorgeous and I hope your bf has a great birthday. following you now

    xo From San Francisco ~

  20. Cute! Love everything about this outfit, especially the leopard shoes!

  21. I'm obsessed with color blocking lately, love it! and love your whole outfit, especially jewelry
    you've got a great photographer, happy b-day (with a little delay)!

  22. gorgeous photos! the bridge is beautiful and i love your ourfit too!