Mexy Sale!!

Mexy is having a 30% off sale for a limited time only, on top of their regular sale items. Click here for the 30% sale and here for the regular sale. Use code JESSY5 for 5% off at Mexy. I'm not sure if the code works on top of the sale, but regardless, you can still use it for other items at the store. : )

The pieces above are only a handful of the super adorable items that Mexy sells. Check out their store if you haven't already!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. jessy, i love the trench! its only $39, what a good deal. i'm really thinking about getting it.

  2. I love the way Asian models have their hair and makeup done - I wish I could replicate it! I remember your dot top and it's so pretty. I agree with Ping - that trench is eye-catching.

  3. Very nice!

    Kisses from Italy