Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie | Jessy Eats

My friends and I recently went to Stonegrill to try out their Summerlicious menu. The restaurant offers a very interesting concept where diners get to cook a meat (including alligator, kangaroo, and ostrich) of their choice on a steaming HOT piece of stone. The concept is very similar to Korean BBQ, except that the meats are unique & hard to find.
Polaroid picture of the girls & I
Looking at the photo above made me realize I haven't painted my nails in a couple of years. It used to be a bad habit that I changed my polish colour every two weeks, but laziness got the best of me. That, and the fact that I don't want to ruin or weaken my nails any longer. Nowadays, I'd only do it for special occasions (weddings, etc.) and even then, it would only be a light, neutral colour or a French manicure. What are your nail polish habits?
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  1. how fun is this!! my polish habits are once very few weeks.. but i DIY.. don't seem to have time to go get a mani anymore.

  2. All you ladies look beautiful!(:

  3. All you ladies look beautiful!(:

  4. did you eat alligator pie? :P

  5. Wow, your natural nails look great! I tend to bite mine when they aren't painted, unfortunately, so I always wear polish. Lately, I just got my first Shellac gel polish manicure...surprisingly, my French manicure looks immaculate after 2 and a half weeks! I'd recommend trying it if you ever go back to polishing your nails if you're going for low maintenance (though I'm not sure if removal will weaken nails yet). :)

    Let's follow each other!

  6. I love polaroid pics ^^
    You all look fab btw. :)

  7. i change up my polish maybe about every 2 weeks (when they start looking not so great). my go to colours are nudes and/or a dark red!

  8. @Anonymous
    haha you crack me up. :P but no... no alligator pie for me!

    @Shamelessly Overdressed
    I've never been a nail biter. They taste nasty to me! I've heard many great things about Shellac, but probably won't be trying it out. I just haven't been into nail polishes lately!

  9. It is definitely similar to K-BBQ! haha
    but that heart sirloin is just too cute ~
    love your necklace! definitely chic*

    Pinkbow Icecream

  10. Funny enough I just did a double post on nails (nail polish) on my blog. I definitely have the bad habit you kicked years ago. ...But that is probably because its summer time and I have more time on my hands than usual.

  11. You know what's funny? The picture on my blogroll made it look like a brownie with a red heart candy on top. I thought alligator pie was some great dessert LOL. You look great in midi length! Envious :)