Delicate Jewelry from 'My Name Necklaces'

Ever since posting my name necklace on the blog over a year ago, I've been receiving questions here and there regarding the quality and length of my necklace. Quality-wise, the two items I own from My Name Necklace have held up really well considering how I've worn them so many times. My necklace is the "Child" length at 14" and my bracelet (gifted from My Name Necklace) is just under 5.5" (also the "Child" length).

For those who aren't subscribed to their newsletter, they recently sent out a 15% coupon code (NEW712) for their new arrivals. I don't know when the code ends, but it's better to take advantage of it now because these jewelry pieces are PERFECT for layering! They're light and dainty and the best part is, you don't have to get the engraving or your name on it. Any word goes. : )

I plan on getting either the cross necklace or bracelet without the engraving.

If you're not interested in any of the new arrivals and prefer something from one of their other collections, My Name Necklace provided a coupon code for my readers for 8% off (JESSY8).

The site offers free worldwide shipping so if you can't combine coupon codes, you're able to make multiple orders to use these discounts. If you have any questions regarding the two items I personally own, feel free to contact me. I'd love to know what you purchased!
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