Neon Yellow

I've been incorporating bright colours into my outfits this year. Have you noticed? ; ) This neon yellow jacket is one of the newest in my collection. Although the colour is very bright, it's easy to tone down with neutral or muted colours.
Zara blazer & striped tee | H&M leather shorts (similar) | unbranded spike bracelet (similar) | Alexander Wang laser cut Rocco bag
A couple of years ago, I would've never ventured out of my comfort zone of black, white, and other neutral pieces. Having a personal style blog opened up my tastes and it has allowed me to experiment with different colours, textures, and styles. I've had both hits & misses, but it's all in the process of evolving into the style that is me.

Lately, I've been slowly steering away from the more "edgy" items I've become accustomed to wearing. As a young Asian woman, I know that people will often mistaken me for a teenager, so I've been slowly building my collection of "grown-up" clothing in the hopes of looking my age - whatever that means. Don't get me wrong, I still like my "streetstyle" looks and will continue dressing that way on my days off. It's just that my tastes matured a little and have become more refined. I'm definitely still the fun person I've been known to be. ; )
How has blogging (or reading style blogs) helped you develop your personal style?
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  1. That jacket is awesome!!

    I am excited to see your street style infused with more "adult" pieces.

    Blogging has definitely helped me seek out more bargains. It has resulted in me accessorizing! When I first became a teacher, I rarely wore more than a few different accessories. Usually the same necklace or two. I owned maybe five belts?

  2. I was really looking forward to seeing you in this jacket. It looks perfect on you- love love love!

  3. That jacket is so beautiful on you!

  4. blogging and reading other blogs has solidified my style definition. i'm not all edgy and i do like some trends but am not trendy. it has been really cool to figure that out as i read other wonderful blogs and define what works for me and doesn't!

    love the colour on you! xox P

  5. Love the yellow blazer, and love how you paired it with some leather shorts!

    Suzie Q
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  6. Oh I've been eyeing that jacket ever since I saw a few bloggers styled it. I wish I could figure out a way to style it multiple ways because I have yet to justify purchasing one for myself. I love how you styled yours!


  7. I love your new yellow jacket and the notched collar detail! It's always fun to see how someone's style evolve and I have to say that I love how you're incorporating color into your wardrobe :)

  8. wow i love the jacket!

  9. Yay, we finally get the yellow jacket. I love the notched collar details. I'm loving how your style evolve and you have done a great job styling your outfits.

  10. Love your jacket, some leather pants I must to buy too.

  11. @Michelle
    Same applies to me! I would only wear a few pieces here and there, but after reading style blogs, I began exploring different types of accessories. I never used to wear rings on a regular basis, but my hands now feel naked if I don't go out with at least one.

    @phiphis blog
    I do like to try out trendy items once in a while, but have began to filter certain things out to better suit my style. I can't resist the temptations sometimes though!

    Wearing the jacket with jeans is probably the easiest way to pair it and dress it down. You should try it out if the price goes any lower! : )

  12. I totally understand what you mean by having a more grown up wardrobe. People usually guess closer to my real age nowadays and I'm convinced it's mostly because of how I dress. I do think you can still have those edgy pieces and look your age however.. all depends on the styling ;) love your outfit in this post.. the edgier leather shorts paired with the colored and more polished Zara blazer is a great combination!

  13. You know what. The neon colors have grown on me and I am starting to like it. This particular jacket has a great color tone and I like the texture as well.

    Have I invited you to

    - Lloyd

  14. I really like this neon yellow color on you, I think it adds a great "punch" to neutrals. I love my few yellow/chartreuse pieces and am always looking to add more!

  15. I too get mistaken for a teenager or someone way younger than my age, and working in a professional environment made me wear more "adult" clothing....but on the weekends I go back to my edgy gear. I think blogging has inspired me, mostly when I don't have time to shop, I can go to other fashion blogs and see what's new in store! lol :) Love your yellow blazer btw, I got it ages ago and it reminds me I need to do a post with it! xo