Wearing a Floppy Hat

Sleeveless pocket blouse c/o Sheinside | Tote bag c/o CMEX | ASOS 70s Floppy Felt Hat | See Jewelry chunky gold chain necklace 
Zara pocket skirt | Dolce Vita 'Cybele' sandals in nude | Mimi Boutique Eshe coil bracelet in blue
Sheinside was kind enough to send me a complimentary item to wear for an outfit post and I chose this sleeveless blouse. The item description stated that it's a chiffon blouse, but I should have known better since it didn't look like chiffon from the photos. The tags are removed from the top, but it feels like a cotton/polyester mix. Initially, the top came out of the package extremely wrinkly (nobody is to blame), but after hanging it damp, the top straightened out nicely.
These gladiator sandals are surprisingly comfortable to walk in! I've never owned gladiator sandals before, so these were an impressive first pair.

I wore this outfit (minus the hat) while mini golfing. Very appropriate, I know. : ) My boyfriend couldn't stop talking about Batman that day! We had seen it the second day it came out, but he was very adamant about seeing it a second - and probably third - time. It was an amazing movie and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing it again. If you've seen it, what did you think?
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  1. What an adorable look... you look fabulous! Love that color on you! :)

    Love, S

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  2. I haven't seen it yet, but hopefully within the next two weeks!

    I love that hat! I have a similar one but haven't worn it yet-- your outfit is really inspiring though!

  3. Super cute! I especially love your gladiator sandals :)


  4. The BF and I didn't actually enjoy the movie all too much.. We only really started to get in to it the last hour or so. Maybe we were sitting too close to the speakers or something (we had a side seat) because we could barely understand a word Bane was saying!

  5. I am in love with your tote bag! I have yet to see Batman, but I already know that it'll be amazing!


  6. In love with your blush pink sandals!!! What a cute outfit for mini golfing. =)

    Batman. 2 words. Epically amazing!


  7. SO cute!! i love this outfit!! xox P


  8. LOOOVE the hat...I am so sad because my white floppy hate lost its shape! But I love the black hat on you...great outfit

  9. I adore those sandals - the detailing and color are gorge!

  10. @Jyoti
    Thank you, Jyoti. : ) I hope you get a chance to wear it this summer. I'd love to see your sketch of the outfit!

    You should find a felt hat next time you shop for one! This one will never lose its shape because all I have to do is pop it back in place. It's very soft. : )

  11. Love the floppy hat!! Super cute on you. :)