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Before I begin this post, I'd like to thank everyone who commented this post with suggestions on where to eat and what to do in San Francisco & Hawaii. All of your helpful tips saved my boyfriend & I a lot of time deciding what to eat. It was hard to narrow the list down to a 6-day stay, but we somehow did it. I really wish we had the time to check out everything!

*Photos aren't in any order.
My boyfriend & I found Dottie's True Blue Café on our own while searching online for a good breakfast place. Dottie's seemed really popular because the line went out the door! Their servers were super friendly and the breakfast was really, really good. I would recommend this to anybody who's in the area. Top: The Southwestern; Bottom: Two eggs & homefries with buttermilk toast
Left: Peet's Coffee & Tea seemed to be everywhere we went, so we had to try it out. The beverages weren't bad, but not really for me.
Right: Breakfast at iHop! Although we have an iHop in Canada (near Niagara Falls), this was my first time eating there. It was a decent breakfast, but nothing to write home about.
Hog Island Oysters was a popular recommendation, so we had to get our seafood fix here. It was an extremely satisfying dinner and I would definitely re-visit. Left: Market Greens; Top: Hog Island Sweetwater Oysters; Bottom: Salmon dish ("today's special")
Unfortunately, this was the worst place we ate at during our stay in SF. I could barely swallow my ramen - it was that bad for the both of us. Genki Ramen did have a few tables occupied and it looked like a place that the kids would eat at after school.
My boyfriend & I love a good bowl of pho. The Pho Garden in SF is known for their "Pho Challenge" where customers can order a giant bowl of pho and have it free of charge if they can finish it within 60 minutes. According to the server, the record is 13 minutes! We weren't hungry enough to try it at the time, but the server was nice enough to let us take photos with the bowl.
As huge fans of ramen, we couldn't resist trying this dinky little place (Ramen Underground) out. We heard it was extremely popular and had long lineups during the lunch hour. We went at around 2PM to avoid these lines. Overall, we weren't disappointed with our dishes. Ramen Underground allows diners to "build" their own ramen by choosing from a variety of different soup & topping options. The restaurant is extremely tiny with room for maybe less than 15 people at a time.
We've never tried a sushi boat restaurant before and are grateful that Amanda recommended Isobune to us. Thank you!
My boyfriend's family friend took us to The Rockin' Crawfish in Oakland for some fresh seafood. This dinner did not disappoint since we're both big seafood fans. I've never had crawfish before - they look like mini lobsters, or as my boyfriend quite frankly put it during dinner... cockroaches. They're so small that it was hard to get any meat out of them, but I loved the taste.
Our first meal after landing in San Francisco was at the Sushi Club. It was really our last resort because prior to finding this place, we spent a good amount of time scouring the downtown area for food. This place was tiny and beside a hotel (on 5th St.) so the food was mediocre.
Sophie's Crepes in Japan Town was extremely popular. I loveee crepes with ice cream and this satisfied me greatly.
 Oh gosh... *drools* I wish we had In-N-Out Burger in Canada! This was one of the best cheeseburgers I've had in a while. Can't believe they put tomatoes & lettuce in them! We only had these burgers once because there's only one location in SF and that's at Fisherman's Wharf.

Thank you for reading this photo-heavy post! I think this is the end of my San Francisco series. : )
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  1. Lovely pictures!

    You should try "Holy Chuck" (near St. Clair station). They have one of the best burgers in Toronto! (I'm sort of a burger snob)

  2. Total food porn overload!<3 I love this~ & that In-N-Out burger is making me drool~


  3. Ooh, looks like you hit up a lot of the places I frequent. Hope you enjoyed your trip, and come visit SF again in the future! :)

    Love, S

  4. Thanks for these great food reviews, Jessy! I've been itching to go to SF for a while now (mostly for the amazing looking food in addition to the picturesque scenery) and these will definitely be good references. All of the ramen looks delicious and the pho challenge is ridiculous haha!


    p.s. Yes my Celine wallet is a true lipstick red. Silly instagram and its colour tweaking ways!

  5. looks like u had great fun! i work right next to an in & out and u can't imagine how packed it is at lunch, but oddly, i never go bc i dont like burgers & i dont like their fries.

    however, when i do want a burger in the rare occasion, it's in&out all the way.

    did any1 teach you about their secret menU?

  6. Oh my, In N Out... TOTALLY DROOLING. So jealous. :(

  7. In N' Out is the best! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've tasted burgers from NY all the way to Hawaii, and none have satisfied me like the simple burgers of In N' Out. =]

  8. @Jessica
    Oh, thanks for the rec! I'll keep that in mind.

    @Shamelessly Overdressed
    I definitely plan on going back. Thank you again for all the tips. : )

    Ah, I'm not much of a burger eater either, but I really couldn't resist the cheapies there. What is their secret menu??

  9. Ack, everything look soooo good! I shouldn't have read this post during the last phase of my cleanse LOL!

  10. Mmmm everything looks delicious. I love in-N-out!!!