Camo, leather, and breton stripes (PFC 22)

Wow, I haven't participated in a Petite Fashion Challenge post since July! I have summer school, vacation, and the start of the school year to blame. Life has been busy this year and December has finally allowed me to relax a little since I had no exams.

This month's PFC is hosted by A Preponderance of Fashion and the challenge is to show what you'd wear to go shopping on a cold winter day.
Zara Boys camouflage skull-print scarf (in pink!) | Zara army green short jacket (at ASOS) | H&M leather vest (thanks, S!) (3 colours for <$20)
Joe Fresh breton stripe sweater | Michael Kors 'Small Layton' gold watch | unbranded gold & silver spike bracelets (at ASOS)
H&M navy trousers | Sam Edelman Petty boots in Putty (leopard on sale!) | Alexander Wang Rocco bag in laser cut leather

Mixing so many different patterns and textures (stripes, leather, camouflage, etc.) isn't my forté, but I'm trying to explore different combinations of things in my closet. And I love this scarf from the boys department!
I like to wear thin jackets while I shop so it's easier to take off and hold on to while trying things on in front of a mirror. Whenever I go to the mall by car, I'd always leave my jacket in the trunk (if we didn't park far/weather isn't terrible) so there's less on me. It seems that lately, I haven't been visiting the fitting room that often because I'm used to eyeballing sizes on myself and I know what looks good on me already. There's also the option of bringing something home to see how many outfits you can create with it. With stores having such great return policies, I'm usually worry-free when shopping. 

Do you try things on in-store to avoid the hassle of returning? Or are you impatient with fitting room lineups and prefer to try things on in the comfort of your own home?
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  1. i am so impatient with change rooms! i love the layers you have here!! xox P

  2. I just hope and cross my fingers it fits perfectly >,,< It's been working for me so far ^,,^ & love the layers!

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  3. Wow, who would have thought that boys had such great access to fashionable scarves? Cute mix, Jessy!

  4. I always try to wear tights and a tank top when I go shopping so I can just pull stuff on in front of a mirror!

  5. @SewPetiteGal
    I know, right? We can find cute things in such unexpected places. : )

    @Joanna Le
    Smart idea! Especially for busy days like Boxing Day.

  6. Love camo paired with leather! great look x

  7. I'm finally getting to check out the entries to my challenge. I'm sorry for my late comment!

    I've actually lately been going for vests with striped tops. So easy and cute! I think you actually did a great job with mixing colors and textures. The spike bracelets against the smooth leather vest looks rocker chic yet soft and glam. Just a great look!