How to Wear Neon Yellow

I've been seeing neon colours a lot this year, but lately, there has been an influx of neon yellow on bloggers and fashionistas alike. It's a way of adding a pop of brightness to a likely dark fall/winter outfit. I've compiled a few photos to, hopefully, inspire you to inject a bit of highlighter yellow into your wardrobe this season.
Try this trend in accessory-form so you can still make a statement without standing out too much. Accessories are also a lot more versatile than bigger clothing items. I recently bought myself a fluorescent yellow toque from H&M that was on sale for only $7 CAD!

Follow Kayture's path by wearing this bright colour on a monochromatic palette to add a pop of interest to your outfit. If you prefer to wear it in a more relaxed fashion, wear a neon scarf with slouchy jeans like Jules.

If you're a blazer person, a bright yellow one will make the perfect addition to your collection. Blazers aren't often seen as a casual piece, but wearing them in a non-traditional colour will make you look less office-ready. (My version.)

Some might find neon yellow to be too out there, so tone it down a notch with a softer, pastel yellow that can easily be worn in different outfits and incorporated into spring outfits.

My favourite cold weather piece of all time would probably be the cozy, knit sweater. Sweaters are wearable with both jeans and skirts and you can pair bright ones with neutral pieces to tone the brightness down a little. Don't be shy about wearing neon colours! If you're brave enough, you can even wear it like Yara (right) does in a neon top and skirt. Her mix of textures doesn't make her look silly at all. In fact, this is probably one of the more classy outfits that I've shown in this post.

If you wear a lot of dark and neutral colours, I hope this post has inspired you to venture a little out of your comfort zone. : )
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  1. I tend to reach out for dark colors but this Holiday led me to try the neon trend. I really like it.


  2. Great post Jessie.

    Neon is one of the big colour/fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2013 so you'll see it even more in the new year.

  3. great post idea by showcasing different bloggers! :D
    and the neon yellow trend is pretty cool, I really liked the way you pulled it off too!


  4. Fun inspo! Love the idea of adding just a touch of neon!


  5. Thanks, ladies! I've been really into bold colours & neon lately. Can't wait for spring/summer!