Recent-ish Purchases (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my haul post. ;D I had to break it up because the previous post was too long.
You might also know that I'm a huge fan of Beyond the Rack. My boyfriend & I have both ordered from them many times before and were completely satisfied with what we got. I *always* recommend this site to my friends. They had a Balenciaga sale over Black Friday weekend and I finally took the plunge and bought myself a wallet. (They actually have a few big designer bag & accessories sales today!)
I ordered the wallet on Friday night and it came on Tuesday morning. SO fast! I saved the above photos from the Balenciaga website and the lighting must've been super bright because "Poppy" is darker and a bit richer than shown above. (Click here for my Instagram photo of it.) The deep red is GORGEOUS oh-so-perfect. *sigh* It's probably one of my fave purchases of the year.

As a loyal Ray-Ban customer, I couldn't resist getting the "updated" version of my Original Wayfarers (that you've probably seen me wear one too many times on the blog this past summer). The Meteor sunnies are slightly smaller and the nose part is indented at the top, making it a little more feminine. Since the two pairs are so similar, I gave my Wayfarer pair to my boyfriend since he's been dying to have them. :p Beyond the Rack regularly has Ray-Ban sales, so I suggest waiting for that if you're interested in any Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Holt Renfrew is a luxury department store in Canada (comparable to Barneys in the US).
This ivory/sand colour is the perfect neutral colour to wear with almost anything in my closet. The zebra print is subtle enough to wear to work (maybe under a cardigan or blazer) and interesting enough to wear on a day off. If you're into a louder print, it's also on sale in black.

As a frequent H&M shopper, I do find Zara overpriced at times, but their things really are irresistible. I like how often they restock products and how on top of trends they are. (Interesting article) When I do shop at Zara, I'm careful with my purchases and even then, I end up returning a lot of my impulse buys.
A beige-ish, nude-ish coloured chunky knit cardigan has been on my list for the past year, but for some reason, it has been so difficult to locate one. I came across this at Zara and *had* to have it. I was willing to pay the price (which is high, imo) since it was on my must-have list. The cardigan is longer on me than on the model (of course), but I like that oversized look.

I ventured into the kids department and randomly spotted the scarf in the boys section. Too cute! It's a camouflage scarf with a subtle skull print - perfect for casual wear.

While Oasap is a regular sponsor of this blog, I do end up paying for some of the items I acquire. I personally paid for a portion of the items listed below.
Thanks to my boyfriend, I already have the "Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt" from Madewell, but I got another one from Oasap so I could DIY stud it. At first, I couldn't decide whether to stud the shoulders or the collar, but eventually chose to do the collar (see here) because I wanted to stud the shoulders of one of my grey sweatshirts. The Oasap denim shirt is "one size", but I would recommend it for someone who is an XXS or XS.

I missed out on the spike cuff earring on ASOS, so I was excited to see Oasap carry their version. I've been putting my hair up a lot recently (long hair is such a hassle) and thought this was a cool way of decorating my ears/head/hair.

The brown tights don't look as brown in person, but I thought it was a neat way of updating my almost all black collection. I have nothing much to say about these since they're just basic tights, but I recommend them to those who wear size XXS to S bottoms.

I'm actually super excited to receive this because I need a red leather jacket in my life. I have two black ones and one brown one, which are kinda boring to me at the moment. I'll update you on quality, fit, etc. once it arrives!

*Update* I've contacted Oasap and we both agreed to use this red leather jacket in a giveaway because it isn't as fitted on me as I'd hoped. Stay tuned!

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  1. I love the wallet and Raybans!!

  2. I love the wallet and the raybans. I totally agree with Zara, they have pieces that are just irresistible.


  3. great choices
    i love all of them..

  4. Ah, gorgeous wallet! You chose a great colour.

  5. love that smashing biker jacket and denim top!