Camo, leather, and breton stripes (PFC 22)

Wow, I haven't participated in a Petite Fashion Challenge post since July! I have summer school, vacation, and the start of the school year to blame. Life has been busy this year and December has finally allowed me to relax a little since I had no exams.

This month's PFC is hosted by A Preponderance of Fashion and the challenge is to show what you'd wear to go shopping on a cold winter day.
Zara Boys camouflage skull-print scarf (in pink!) | Zara army green short jacket (at ASOS) | H&M leather vest (thanks, S!) (3 colours for <$20)
Joe Fresh breton stripe sweater | Michael Kors 'Small Layton' gold watch | unbranded gold & silver spike bracelets (at ASOS)
H&M navy trousers | Sam Edelman Petty boots in Putty (leopard on sale!) | Alexander Wang Rocco bag in laser cut leather

Mixing so many different patterns and textures (stripes, leather, camouflage, etc.) isn't my forté, but I'm trying to explore different combinations of things in my closet. And I love this scarf from the boys department!
I like to wear thin jackets while I shop so it's easier to take off and hold on to while trying things on in front of a mirror. Whenever I go to the mall by car, I'd always leave my jacket in the trunk (if we didn't park far/weather isn't terrible) so there's less on me. It seems that lately, I haven't been visiting the fitting room that often because I'm used to eyeballing sizes on myself and I know what looks good on me already. There's also the option of bringing something home to see how many outfits you can create with it. With stores having such great return policies, I'm usually worry-free when shopping. 

Do you try things on in-store to avoid the hassle of returning? Or are you impatient with fitting room lineups and prefer to try things on in the comfort of your own home?
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I have a thing for chunky knits

I hope you all had a wonderful week full of fun and food with your family & friends! : ) For those who exchange gifts, did you receive anything on your wishlist?
This fall/winter in Toronto has been surprisingly mild with the odd days where I had to whip out my winter parka. I've been layering under my light jackets & sweaters to battle the chilly weather.
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Giveaway: $124 Red Biker Jacket

As you read in a previous post, I recently received a biker jacket from Oasap, but the measurements were a bit off for me. The sleeves are a tad long & wide for my arms, so I suggest anyone who has slightly longer limbs than I do and wears XS/S to enter for a chance to win this jacket.

The jacket is labeled a size S and the color is called "Watermelon Red". Measurements are available here.

Both Oasap & I agreed to use this jacket in a giveaway since we haven't had one for my readers yet. I paid for a small portion of this jacket myself and will also be paying for shipping to the winner. Let this be our Christmas gift to you! : ) Thank you for all your support in the past couple of years. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

1. Follow this blog on either Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect.
2. Like Oasap on Facebook.
3. Link to your favourite leather jacket from here. It doesn't have to be this one!

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2. Click here to tweet about this giveaway. (+1)
3. Post on Oasap's Facebook wall: Click here for a chance to win a $124 biker jacket from Oasap & Jessy! (+1)

* Giveaway is open internationally.
* Please read everything carefully. Incorrect or incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified.
* Winner will have 48 hours from the time of my email to claim the prize or the prize will be deemed forfeited.
* Giveaway ends on January 10th at 11:59PM EST.

If you have any questions, please email me. Good luck!

Winner is Sheila.
Thank you all for entering!

How to Wear Neon Yellow

I've been seeing neon colours a lot this year, but lately, there has been an influx of neon yellow on bloggers and fashionistas alike. It's a way of adding a pop of brightness to a likely dark fall/winter outfit. I've compiled a few photos to, hopefully, inspire you to inject a bit of highlighter yellow into your wardrobe this season.
Try this trend in accessory-form so you can still make a statement without standing out too much. Accessories are also a lot more versatile than bigger clothing items. I recently bought myself a fluorescent yellow toque from H&M that was on sale for only $7 CAD!

Follow Kayture's path by wearing this bright colour on a monochromatic palette to add a pop of interest to your outfit. If you prefer to wear it in a more relaxed fashion, wear a neon scarf with slouchy jeans like Jules.

If you're a blazer person, a bright yellow one will make the perfect addition to your collection. Blazers aren't often seen as a casual piece, but wearing them in a non-traditional colour will make you look less office-ready. (My version.)

Some might find neon yellow to be too out there, so tone it down a notch with a softer, pastel yellow that can easily be worn in different outfits and incorporated into spring outfits.

My favourite cold weather piece of all time would probably be the cozy, knit sweater. Sweaters are wearable with both jeans and skirts and you can pair bright ones with neutral pieces to tone the brightness down a little. Don't be shy about wearing neon colours! If you're brave enough, you can even wear it like Yara (right) does in a neon top and skirt. Her mix of textures doesn't make her look silly at all. In fact, this is probably one of the more classy outfits that I've shown in this post.

If you wear a lot of dark and neutral colours, I hope this post has inspired you to venture a little out of your comfort zone. : )
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Recent-ish Purchases (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my haul post. ;D I had to break it up because the previous post was too long.
You might also know that I'm a huge fan of Beyond the Rack. My boyfriend & I have both ordered from them many times before and were completely satisfied with what we got. I *always* recommend this site to my friends. They had a Balenciaga sale over Black Friday weekend and I finally took the plunge and bought myself a wallet. (They actually have a few big designer bag & accessories sales today!)
I ordered the wallet on Friday night and it came on Tuesday morning. SO fast! I saved the above photos from the Balenciaga website and the lighting must've been super bright because "Poppy" is darker and a bit richer than shown above. (Click here for my Instagram photo of it.) The deep red is GORGEOUS oh-so-perfect. *sigh* It's probably one of my fave purchases of the year.

As a loyal Ray-Ban customer, I couldn't resist getting the "updated" version of my Original Wayfarers (that you've probably seen me wear one too many times on the blog this past summer). The Meteor sunnies are slightly smaller and the nose part is indented at the top, making it a little more feminine. Since the two pairs are so similar, I gave my Wayfarer pair to my boyfriend since he's been dying to have them. :p Beyond the Rack regularly has Ray-Ban sales, so I suggest waiting for that if you're interested in any Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Holt Renfrew is a luxury department store in Canada (comparable to Barneys in the US).
This ivory/sand colour is the perfect neutral colour to wear with almost anything in my closet. The zebra print is subtle enough to wear to work (maybe under a cardigan or blazer) and interesting enough to wear on a day off. If you're into a louder print, it's also on sale in black.

As a frequent H&M shopper, I do find Zara overpriced at times, but their things really are irresistible. I like how often they restock products and how on top of trends they are. (Interesting article) When I do shop at Zara, I'm careful with my purchases and even then, I end up returning a lot of my impulse buys.
A beige-ish, nude-ish coloured chunky knit cardigan has been on my list for the past year, but for some reason, it has been so difficult to locate one. I came across this at Zara and *had* to have it. I was willing to pay the price (which is high, imo) since it was on my must-have list. The cardigan is longer on me than on the model (of course), but I like that oversized look.

I ventured into the kids department and randomly spotted the scarf in the boys section. Too cute! It's a camouflage scarf with a subtle skull print - perfect for casual wear.

While Oasap is a regular sponsor of this blog, I do end up paying for some of the items I acquire. I personally paid for a portion of the items listed below.
Thanks to my boyfriend, I already have the "Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt" from Madewell, but I got another one from Oasap so I could DIY stud it. At first, I couldn't decide whether to stud the shoulders or the collar, but eventually chose to do the collar (see here) because I wanted to stud the shoulders of one of my grey sweatshirts. The Oasap denim shirt is "one size", but I would recommend it for someone who is an XXS or XS.

I missed out on the spike cuff earring on ASOS, so I was excited to see Oasap carry their version. I've been putting my hair up a lot recently (long hair is such a hassle) and thought this was a cool way of decorating my ears/head/hair.

The brown tights don't look as brown in person, but I thought it was a neat way of updating my almost all black collection. I have nothing much to say about these since they're just basic tights, but I recommend them to those who wear size XXS to S bottoms.

I'm actually super excited to receive this because I need a red leather jacket in my life. I have two black ones and one brown one, which are kinda boring to me at the moment. I'll update you on quality, fit, etc. once it arrives!

*Update* I've contacted Oasap and we both agreed to use this red leather jacket in a giveaway because it isn't as fitted on me as I'd hoped. Stay tuned!

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Recent-ish Purchases (Part 1)

I knew haul posts were popular in the fashion blogging/Youtube world, but it was only until a bunch of readers personally asked me to post about my recent purchases that I began to realize how important it was to share pics/reviews/opinions about stores and items. I love seeing what others buy and especially appreciate it when they spend time to review items. : ) I shop on impulse a lot, so a lot of things get returned, but I'll try to remember what my purchases were so I can share them here.

Here are some of my "recent" (as in...past couple of months) purchases, in no particular order. (Both the Tobi & StyleMint links are referrals.) If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me in some other way!

Tobi releases 30% to 40% coupon codes frequently, so I don't recommend buying their items at full price (unless it's one of the brands they exclude from sales). If you're a first-time customer, you can get a one-time 50% off coupon code by connecting your Facebook account. International shipping is free for orders over $150 and US shipping is free for orders over $75.

It's hard to comment on quality since Tobi offers a wide range of brands, but the items I bought are comparable to H&M quality. Shipping to Canada was $9.95 (reasonable) and I think I received my order in under two weeks.
I bought both tees in Size S and they fit like a nicely draped XS. I suggest sizing up at least once if you don't want them to be super fitted. I don't think I'd recommend the sequin-sleeved top to anyone who likes to layer knits over their tees. The sequins catch onto things very easily and there are loose threads. You can tell that the craftsmanship is poor because none of my other sequin apparel (shorts, more shorts, skirt, and top) catch onto fabric as easily.

I ordered the thin spike rings in sizes 2 and 3 to wear over my knuckles (here). I only ordered two sizes because I didn't know which one would fit, but the size 2 fits nice & snug on top of my fingers. The size 3 is a bit loose so I wear it on my pinky finger instead. (For reference, my typical ring sizes are 5 and 6.) These rings generate a lot of compliments, so I do recommend it for y'all. : )

I've been into dainty necklaces lately and have been looking for a reasonably priced sideways cross necklace for the past year or so. There were a lot on eBay, but the one from ASOS was the perfect length and size. No complaints here!

I purchased the dress in UK 4 (fits like an H&M size 2). I'm a fan of metallic front of the dress, but I'll probably be cutting off the awkward flaps on either side of the dress. This dress is a cool take on your typical LBD and I can see it being worn with tights and a blazer. The options are pretty much endless for me.

By now, you should all know I'm a huge StyleMint fan. Not only do I love the design duo (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen) behind the brand, but I love their basic-but-not-so-basic clothing too. I'm a size 1 (their smallest size) at StyleMint and that gives me a relaxed fit.

I've been looking for a black button-up blouse for a while, but needed to find one that's reasonably priced and not sheer. When the Armstrong blouse came out at StyleMint, I had to have it. There were so many colours to choose from that I almost forgot I "needed" a black one!

I only purchased the black one, but am strongly considering the red and lilac rose versions. The shirts are 100% polyester and are a little static-y if you wear something over it. I bought the black at half price during their Cyber Monday sale, but if you're a first time customer, you can get 40% off with the coupon code NEWSM40.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my haul post! It includes a new Balenciaga purchase. ; )
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Holiday Giveaway ft. Chicnova

I haven't done a giveaway in a while and thought December was the perfect time to host another one. Chicnova has generously offered a $30 gift certificate to one lucky reader of this blog. The store offers free international shipping so you'll have the full $30 to spend as you wish. ; )

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Chicnova:

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3. Register on Chicnova's website. (
4. Leave a comment below with your favourite item from Chicnova.

Gain additional entries by completing one or more of the following:
1. Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram. (+1-2)
2. Click here to tweet about this giveaway. (+1)


Winner is Natalie. Congrats!

* Please read everything carefully. Incorrect entries will be automatically removed.
* Winner will have 48 hours from the time of my email to claim their prize or the prize will be deemed forfeited.
* Giveaway ends on December 12th at 11:59PM EST.

Just another update on my blog domain change: This blog is no longer titled "thelittledustprincess" or "The Little Dust Princess". I've shortened it to "Jessy Dust"!