Top Purchases from 2012 (Part II)

Here's the second and final part to my "top purchases from 2012" list. In case you missed it, here's part one. Again, there is no particular order in all of the items I've mentioned. It was hard enough trying to pick out my ten favourites!

* Clicking on the giant bold link will bring you to a post of me wearing the item (except the shampoo link lol).

One of my favourite denim (and even clothing) brands is Cheap Monday (originated in Sweden). Most size 24 skinny bottoms stretch out and sag on me, so I only go to brands that run small and/or offer size 23 jeans. Although Cheap Monday doesn't carry size 23, their jeans run 1-2 sizes smaller so I always have luck with size 24 (and even 25 if they're super tight). My "Very Used Grey" Cheap Monday Zip Lows were purchased from Hautelook, but since CMs are affordable in the first place, you don't need to search far to find a pair. They're available for under $100 at across many retail stores on- and offline.

Before this purchase, I never knew how often I'd be adding thick black belt to my outfits. Its thickness decreases its level of versatility, but there are certain times where I want to accessorize my hips, like when my shirt is tucked in. This belt comes in brown as well and you can probably get it for under $10 with a good coupon code to Old Navy. It's also available for men and kids. (The prices below aren't consistent because I've provided links to both the Canadian site and the US one.)

Since I have coloured hair, using regular shampoo doesn't help with shine and texture. Before I switched to Joico last year, I'd buy whatever well-known brands that were on sale. My hair usually felt dry and looked dull with those shampoos. I do use other Joico products, but thought their shampoo is a little pricey. Eventually, I made the switch and I can safely say that I swear by it (when my hair is dyed). The difference in my hair was noticeable within one wash!! (Purple shampoos get rid of and prevent brassy tones that might occur in dyed blond hair.)

I love Alexander Wang's pieces because even though they're meant for street style casual wear, they can be easily dressed up. This particular skirt Wang designed for his T line is one of my favourite examples. It's extremely comfortable and can be paired with a simple tee or a dressy blouse. I have an XS and it fits pretty slim.

* First link is to Revolve. If you're a first-time customer, Revolve will give you 30% off most designer brands. Just shoot them an email for the discount code and extensive designer list! 

This blouse comes in a number of colours and are 100% polyester. It's a little static-y if you wear something over it, so I suggest wearing it by itself. This blouse comes in a variety of colours (below are just a few) and I've been meaning to get the burgundy one, but it's sold out now. *sad face*

So this post is finally done! I can't wait to compile my 2013 list next year. : )

By the way, if you guys swear by a good colour shampoo, let me know! Even though I love my Joico, I'm always ready to test different hair products out.


  1. Great post. I'm a big jewel mint fan but haven't tried any of their sister sites out. Style mint looks very promising.

    I've been using loreal shampoo on my hair for the past year with no problems. I was blond though, and dyed my hair black Lol

    1. Style Mint is great! I've dealt with both websites and am excited to try Shoe Mint out as well. : )

  2. I've been dying for that Wang skirt. Do you wear it often?