What's in my Shopping Cart: Shopbop

Shopbop is having Friends & Family sale that ends tomorrow. Use the coupon code WEAREFAMILY13 for 20% off your order! They offer free worldwide shipping and free returns in the US.

Most of these items are in my cart and those that aren't are sold out in my size/colour, but I thought I should still share for those curious. : )


For those who appreciate my love for Cheap Monday jeans, here's your chance to pick up a pair of their (already affordable) denim!


There are a lot of items in my cart right now, but I'm leaving them there overnight to see which ones sell out and/or if I change my mind in the morning. : )

The Petty boots aren't currently in my cart because my pair from two years ago are still in perfect condition. I added them to this list because I highly recommend these boots. They are extremely comfortable for walking and I would buy them again 100% - even at full price.


  1. Great picks! I picked up the Sam Edelman Opal pumps myself! :) Can't wait to receive them!

    Bold Subtlety

    1. Exciting!! Those pumps are super cute.

  2. SOme pretty cool items! I adore the boots <3