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This post has been in the back of my mind for a while, but I never got around to resizing the photos. We  (boyfriend & two friends) went to Québec in mid-April and took hundreds of photos within a five day span, but I decided to just share the eats (and mini reviews) with you.

Restaurant: La Banquise
This place is open 24 hours and is well-known for their poutine. They currently have 30 flavours on their menu and we only had three that night. On the left are La Classique (regular poutine with cheese & gravy) and L'Abreuvoir (regular with pogo sticks added). La Mexicaine (right) was my favourite. It has peppers, tomatoes, and black olives. Be prepared for a longgggg line during peak hours. We waited for 45 minutes in the freezing cold, but the wait was well worth it.
Restaurant: L'Avenue
With a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, this place is a must-have for breakfast/brunch. The portions were large and did not disappoint. I think each of our dishes came with a plate of fruits and potato wedges. I had the Western omelette and the photo above is eggs Benedict with pulled pork.

P.S. Their washrooms are sick.
Restaurant: Garde Manger
Garde Manger is owned by Canadian celebrity chef, Chuck Hughes. Their menu is constantly changing, but their infamous lobster poutine is a classic. I love lobster and I love poutine, but unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this dish as much as I thought I would. The staff are extremely friendly and are fluent in both French and English. They take reservations only, so be sure to call a few days in advance.
Restaurant: Schwartz's (top menu is in French; bottom is in English)
We couldn't visit Montreal without going to Schwartz's, Canada's oldest deli. We came here with a vegetarian friend (big mistake. Sorry, Els!) and there really wasn't anything for her to order except a pickle and coleslaw. I myself don't eat a lot of meat, so I wasn't the biggest fan of the smoked meat sandwich (above). The meat was good (ordered medium fat), but I wasn't able to finish it. If you're a meat fan though, I recommend this place! (Here's another photo.)
Restaurant: Mike's (left)
Mike's, an Italian chain restaurant in Quebec, has a great menu with a lot to choose from. The lobster sliders were really, really good. I wish we had Mike's in Ontario!

Restaurant: Maple Delights (right)
We randomly stopped at this bistro to have gelato (soo good.) and I came back the next day to buy their macarons. We had vanilla, pistachio, maple, salted caramel, coffee, and chocolate. (And yes, that's Monopoly Deal Millionaire in the background!)
Scores is another Quebec chain that I wish we had in Ontario. I'm a big fan of their all-you-can-eat soup, salad, & fruit bar. The kids Our friends bought us the Everest Brownie because it was my boyfriend & I's four year anniversary. So sweet of them. :')

- - -

You don't have to worry about speaking French in Montreal because most people are able to speak English there. On the other hand, there are fewer English-speaking people in Quebec City, so I suggest sticking to the tourist areas there. If you have any questions about the restaurants I mentioned above, please comment below and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability! : )

Hope this post didn't make you hungry! ; )


  1. I would like to see your trip pics. I'm hoping to go to Montréal & Québec City real soon and would love ideas. Interesting...I've never heard of poutine and had to google it. Looks like a delicious trip!

    1. I have so many photos from the trip I wouldn't know where to start! Some of the places we went to include the Biodome (I would not recommend visiting the insectarium. Very small space that took about 5 minutes to walk through), Old Montreal, Old Quebec, and this sugar shack in Quebec City. : ) You would need a car to get to the sugar shack though, but it was a wonderful experience (which I'll be writing about in another post).

  2. Great food pics and yes, they do make me hungry :) The poutine pics look so yummy. Can't go to Montreal without smoked meat sandwiches. Just the thought of the tender smoked meat is making my mouth water.

    1. The meat was so delicious and tender, but I can only have it in small amounts. Regardless, I'd still go back and maybe share the meat with another person. : )

  3. I see pictures of poutine all the time on the internet and I've always wanted to try it but I'm not Canadian and I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere in the states!

    1. That's so interesting! I knew poutine is Canadian, but I didn't know that most of the US don't have access to it. I ♥ poutine!

  4. That bathroom is incredible! I've always wanted to go to Quebec because of its French essence...one day!

  5. OH MY GOSHHH ! everything looks amazingly delicious!
    Is it sad that I've been to Montreal 2 times and I have yet tried any of their poutine!?
    I've been to Schwartz's before and I definitely know why they're so popular! The food was AMAZING !
    Great post! :)

  6. L'Avenue in Montreal is my favorite place for brunch! The food is amazing!

  7. I go to Montreal every summer with my family and I have yet to try these places out. The food looks super yummy. :)