Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

This is a continuation from my previous post, Photo Editing Apps for Instagram. In this post, I share more advanced photo editing apps to help improve your photos for Instagram or other use. I didn't realize that my previous post had iOS-only apps. Sorry, android users! This post includes apps for both operating systems. : ) And just like last time, all of these apps are free with some offering paid upgrades.

UPDATE: I just noticed that Real Bokeh is now a paid app! I probably downloaded when it was free or during a promotion. Sorry guys! If anyone knows of a free bokeh effects app, please share them below. : )

Adobe Photoshop Express

Download: iOS | Android
This is a free photoshop app (with certain paid upgrades) that offers basic photo edits. I almost never use the flash on my phone, so I mainly use the brighten feature for my dark/night pics.

  • Basic edits (such as crop, brighten, sharpen)
  • Borders & photo effects


Download: iOS | Android (similar app)
I barely use this app, but I love what it does. The app allows you to make a photo black & white with a specific object in colour or vice versa. (Example) It's a fun little tool for adding a little more creativity to your photos.

Real Bokeh

Download: iOS | Android
This is a cool app to add fake "bokeh balls" to your photos. It's a very cute way of making your photos pretty and romantic.

  • 21 shapes to choose from (such as hearts, paws, circles)
  • 5 different sizes for the shapes
  • 28 different colours
  • Adjust the transparency of the shapes

Adjust Focus

Download: iOS | Android (looks like the same app logo, but under a different name)
If you want to add more blurriness to the background of your pics, or maybe blur someone's face out, this is a great free app to do so. When you upload your photo, the whole thing is blurred and you get to adjust how blurry you want it to be. After that, you can use your fingers to "brush" the parts that you DON'T want blurred. (This would be easier to understand if you download the app and follow along.)

  • Adjust how heavy the blur is
  • Adjust brush size

Hope you all enjoyed part 2! I'll be uploading a part 3 with "fun" editing apps. I hope you discovered one or two new apps today!

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  1. just discovered your blog through twitter. thanks for this post! I use an android phone and tend to always miss out on cool iphone apps. :)