2013 Trend: Shirt Tied Around Waist

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities walk around with (mainly plaid) shirts tied around their waists. I haven't done this since forever, but it looks kind of cool, right? It gives any outfit a more casual, relaxed vibe. It's actually pretty practical, if you think about it. When it gets chilly, you can just put the shirt on. ; )

What do you think of the latest "grunge" trend?


  1. Hey,
    sweet pics and a great style! Looks so casual!


  2. I like this look on other people but I don't think it's for me. I had no idea who Levi Nguyen was until I saw this post but she as absolutely stunning and I love her outfit!

  3. Love this trend ... Amy Song does it so well!!


  4. Had a look at your blog today and I really like it!
    I have to say that this kind of style was one of these I had to get used to but now I really like it.
    It looks casual but super trendy at the same time :)
    Think I have to try it out as well!

    I just started with blogging a few month ago maybe you would like to have a quick look at my side and tell me what you think about it?
    Greetings from Austria xx