5 Statement Pieces Every Woman Should Own

You're all probably tired of telling you which "basics" to have in your closet. Most guides out there tell you you need a basic white tee, a pair of denim jeans, and so on, but we already know (and should have) those! I wrote this guide to hopefully inspire you to add more stylish statement pieces to your wardrobe to dress up those aforementioned basic items.

1. A Statement Necklace
My readers already know that I've been into statement necklaces this past year.  When I say "statement" necklace, I mean a medium to large sized attention-grabbing one. My favourites in the past have included this Oasap tiered necklace (on me), House of Harlow Station necklace (on me), and this Zara Metal Teardrop necklace (on me). Statement necklaces can be worn over and under almost every top, sweater or dress to add an extra oomph to your outfit. I've been into gold ones lately, but I've seen many women rock stone, silver, and mixed metal pieces. A couple of places I enjoy shopping for statement necklaces include Oasap and Zara.

2. Statement Outerwear
This category includes jackets, coats, sweaters, blazers, cardigans, and whatever else you layer over your clothing! It makes sense to own a great statement outerwear since these are the pieces that go on top of your outfits. Try looking for ones with interesting patterns, studs, cut-outs, and other unique details to spruce up your daily outfits.

I receive the most compliments on my faux leather jacket with lace-up sleeves, which cost me under $100 and has gotten a lot of wear. A lot of readers have asked me where I bought it (eBay), but I couldn't find it anymore. Luckily, I found it by chance on Oasap (use TLDP for 21% off), so now everybody can own one! ; ) I've worn this jacket over everything and anything. It's usually the first one I grab during fall.

This geometric cardigan was also popular among my readers. I gravitated toward this piece a lot during this past summer because it was so easy to throw on. The length is long enough to cover the bum, which is a factor I usually look for when cardigan shopping.

3. A Statement Scarf
A scarf is something that can be worn across all seasons, so it's a good idea to own at least one that can add personality to your outfit. My latest scarf purchase was this Burberry one from Beyond the Rack. I loveee how amazingly soft and warm it is. It's thick, so there aren't too many ways of wearing it - something to keep in mind while scarf shopping. Thinner scarves (like this ASOS scarf) can be worn many ways on the body, head, or your handbag. Depending on your lifestyle, you might prefer one scarf over another (or both).

4. Statement Shoes
Printed, studded, or cut-out shoes... Choose a pair that fits into your personal style, but also has an interesting element to it. My own statement pairs include my Sam Edelman Etiene leopard loafers and my glitter gold TOMS. Interesting shoes - whether good or bad - always catch my attention when I'm out and about. They can really make or break an outfit, so choose wisely! ; )

5. A Statement Handbag
An eye-catching bag is a must to spruce up any basic outfit. You can choose a bag with a fun design, bright colour, or cool texture. For someone who tends to dress in monochromatic or neutral-coloured outfits, these types of bags tend to pair well with what I wear. Even if you're not an "all black everything" type of girl, these statement accessories will provide a unique touch to your look when the right occasion arises (girls' night out, parties, etc.).

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your must-have statement pieces?


  1. Agreed! Although I haven't fully adapted the statement necklace movement. I love standout necklaces, but I'm still partial to more delicate pieces :) x

    1. I go back and forth between delicate and large necklaces. Different pieces create different looks, so it's good to try a few of them out. : )

  2. I *LOVE* that Oasap leather sleeved jacket! Do you have it? How is the shipping? Thanks!

    1. I love it too! I don't own it, but from my experience, Oasap's shipping takes about two weeks. : )

  3. I love everything !