Live Fast 'Cause It Won't Last

Derek Cardigan 7014 Tortoiseshell glasses (first-time Canadian customers can get them for free + shipping)
Zoe Karssen Live Fast Sweatshirt (other style) • Zara Girls camouflage jeans ($ option)
Michael Kors Small Layton gold watch (large version) • Vince Camuto Hawn boots (buy here or here)

I discovered the Zoe Karssen brand last year while leisurely browsing some online stores. I was instantly drawn to the fun, but simple, graphic tees and sweaters designed by Zoe and Quince Karssen. Founded in Amsterdam (one of the cities on my to-go list!) in 2010, the brand is relatively new, but is already available at many popular retailers.

A few stores you can find Zoe Karssen at include Shopbop, Revolve Clothing, and ASOS.


  1. Oh really lovely your Cardigan is evry pretty, and looks really cute your outfit.

  2. Did you cut your hair? It looks good! And love your shoes!

    1. No way! Gosh, I'm not brave enough to chop it all off. :P I have it clipped up here. : )