Outfit Wearing Black & Grey with Studs

I don't know if you can tell, but it was freezing when those photos were taken! I know I can take pics indoors (I actually used to do that), but I prefer going outside because it's more spacious. : )

It may be cold, but I'm still wearing tights in this outfit. I bought these fleece tights over a year ago and loveeee how warm they keep my legs in the winter! They're super soft on the inside and it's a lot more efficient than doubling up on tights. At about $4, you can't go wrong with these (also comes in other colours).

I love my boyfriend's beanie and steal it all the time! I just found a really similar one at Nordstrom, but don't want to spend so much on it. Grr..


  1. It's really cute and I want it, but how do you wash clothes that have spikes and studs? :S

    1. I don't wash my outerwear (cardigans, sweaters, etc.) unless I really have to. I usually wipe or lint roll them.

      Some other options I can offer you are:
      1) Put them in a garment bag before putting the piece in the washer/dryer
      2) Hand wash them
      3) Dry clean them

      Hope this helps!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tiff! They're my favourite part ; )

  3. Cute outfit! Are fleece tights really that warm?! Do they shrink in the wash? I'm considering buying a pair for myself!


    1. They don't shrink that much in the wash, but they're actually pretty loose (in a comfortable way) from the beginning. You know how normal tights are really tight? These are as comfy as leggings! They're actually a lot warmer than wearing jeans in the winter!

  4. nice!:) xo