Stylemint Wishlist

You guys probably already know this since I've written about Stylemint many times before... but I check the site every month for their new arrivals. They have this new reward system where every $1 spent gets you 10 points. It's the perfect loyalty program for those who like to spend on basic wardrobe pieces that they can wear every season. The points you collect add up to a $29.99 credit. The only way to view the site is to sign up (my referral), but new members get 25% off their first order! Most items are $29.99 - not bad considering they're constantly running promotions. Size 1 (their smallest size) fits anywhere between an XS to S, depending on the item. Have you guys bought anything from Stylemint before?


  1. oh i love the sweater and the cardigan!

  2. Lovely items on your list. Hope you get everything you wished for.

    Maggie A

  3. Just discovered them and ordered two shirts! Excited to get them. How do you like the quality?

    1. Awesome! You'll get a lot of wear out of them - I know it. : ) I would say the quality depends on the item you're ordering. All of the things I've ordered have been t-shirts, but they've been above average in terms of thickness and design.