Which Winter Boots to Buy?

I haven't owned a pair of "real" winter boots since elementary school. Never being a fan of chunky "astronaut" boots, I braved the snowy sidewalks in cheap leather boots found at fast fashion retailers that only lasted one season. Last year, I looked long and hard for a pair of good winter boots to dump a couple hundred dollars into. My reasoning is that quality boots will last many, many years.

I actually ended up purchasing the Dr. Marten Juney boots last year, but I sold it to my friend because I just wasn't feeling them. My friend loved the boots and wore it all through last winter in Quebec!

My criteria for the perfect pair of winter boots:
1. Waterproof (obviously) so I can walk in snow without water seeping through
2. I prefer them to be black, but brown can also work.
3. A plain, pull-on style boot; no laces
4. I had no preference for the height of the boots, but I want them to be slim fitting so that snow can't go in from the top.
5. My budget was around $200, since most of the styles I did research on cost was around that price point.

Besides Dr Martens, other brands I've looked into include Sorel, The North Face, and Timberland - all very popular brands that carry great winter boots. The styles I wanted from The North Face and Timberland (shown above) were hard to find in Canada at a good price. These boots are expensive already, so I didn't want to pay extra on taxes and shipping from the U.S.

Sorel is a super popular brand here with the Tivoli, Joan of Arctic, and Caribou boots being seen most often, but I'm not interested in boots with laces. My interest in Sorel fizzled, but I became more interested in the brand this season after discovering a lot of great styles. The Sorel boots above are the ones I considered, but I ultimately ended up getting the Winter Fancy Tall boots in black. I was surprised at how well the calves fit, since I tend to have trouble finding boots that are slim. My boyfriend was hesitant about these boots at first (he didn't like the white fleece on top), but he was surprised at how great they looked on. I agree with him about the white fleece and am considering dying it black. What are your thoughts?

Measurements of the Winter Fancy Tall boots - Size 6
Calf circumference: Approx. 13"
Shaft height: Approx. 12"
Heel height: Approx. 1.25"

The Winter Fancy boots come in brown and black with short, tall, and lace styles. Shop them below!
For my local readers, here are some stores where you can buy winter boots (or Sorel boots) in Toronto and Canada:
Get Outside (they used to have a birthday discount, not sure if it still exists)
Gravity Pope
Soft Moc (sign up for their newsletter for a 10% coupon)
Sporting Life
The Bay
The Shoe Company

I'm sure there are many more retailers that carry Sorel and other winter boots, but these were the stores I did my research on. I ended up choosing the place with the best price/sale that carried the Winter Fancy Tall Boots. (which was Browns with their 15% off all Sorel boots sale; Get Outside had a better discount at 20% on Cyber Monday, but it wasn't worth the time/energy for me to return the previous pair)


  1. I've been looking at the Sorel Tivoli's lately! My Uggs are just about ready to retire.. I don't know why I never thought to try on the ones with higher shafts! Will definitely be adding these to my try-on list.. hope you can do a more thorough review soon.


    1. I updated the post with measurements this morning. Please feel free to ask me if you have any more questions!

  2. My most important criteria is the "no lace." Great picks on boots!

    1. Mine too! Laces are such a hassle, especially in the winter when you're all bundled up.

  3. Are the Winter Fancy Talls true to size? I;d like to get them in brown but I need to try them on first. :)

    1. I'm normally a size 6 and these fit perfectly, if not snug. If you plan on wearing thick socks, I suggest going up half a size. : )

  4. I love a good solid boot, if shopped correctly they can last multiple winters! Great post <3
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  5. I can only wish to wear all the boots that I've bought yet had not had their chance to be out of my closet =D
    Currently, I would love to own a rain boots.

    1. Can't wait to see your boots! I wore my rainboots throughout parts of winter last year and my feet were freezing. So glad I bought a 'real' pair of winter boots this year.

  6. Survived through the crazy small town Québec winter thanks to those boots :`)