HK Cafés in Markham + Outfit Post

Above (L-R)
Japanese Style Napoleon Spaghetti w/ham & sausage stir fried in Japanese tomato sauce at Blue Ocean Cafe

Thick Ice Cream Toast w/chocolate ice cream at Phoenix Restaurant

Tobi Illusive Night Cropped Sweater
Gap black racerback tissue knit tank (similar at half price)
Helmut Lang skinny jeans
Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady Watch (rose gold)

For me, Phoenix has been one of the best Hong Kong-style cafes in Markham. One of my Instagram followers suggested Blue Ocean to me as an alternative to Phoenix. I recently tried the place out and both my boyfriend & I gave it a thumbs up. Blue Ocean is a small restaurant with only one location and Phoenix has three big locations in Markham. I've only been to Blue Ocean once so far, so I have no dishes to recommend (yet). At Phoenix however, I recommend trying their baked curry rice dishes (with pork or chicken) with a lemon iced tea. This dish is really good, but I've tried a lot of things there and have nothing bad to say.

While Phoenix is still my #1 choice, it can be hard to find parking there because it's so popular. Blue Ocean is only a five minute drive from Phoenix (the Raymerville location) and has a huge parking lot since it's in a busy plaza. I'd recommend both of these restaurants if you're in the area!

I actually wrote about Phoenix on my blog before! Check out my old 3-4 year old posts here: from 2010, from 2011

Get the look!


  1. The food looks soooo good! Especially the dessert :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. I know! I just had dinner and the pics are making me hungry again.

  2. I love going to phoneix, i was actually just there the past saturday. I always want to try different things but somehow i always end up ordering the same few things every time haha.

    1. Maybe I'll see you there one day! I usually order the same few things too. Old habits are hard to break. :P

  3. Love that top!! And yum!! The pasta sauce looks really interesting...I will look up the ingredients in Japanese tomato sauce. I make pasta sauce from scratch about twice a week, so it would be nice to have some variety!

    1. I didn't even know the Japanese had a different tomato sauce until I had this dish! Let me know how it goes if you end up making it. : )

  4. I just had the ice cream toast this past weekend at a place called Honey Toast in Oregon! :) I love how the toast is decorated, it's such a clever idea!