How to Keep Your Legs Moisturized in the Winter

I usually neglect pampering my legs and feet during the winter because they're never exposed. To me, it saves a lot of time that can be spent on something else. I used to moisturize my legs one or two times a week because I thought I could get away with it, but truthfully, your skin is the driest in the winter. My goal for this year is to moisturize my legs (and body) everyday after I shower - no matter what. This will ensure that my skin won't dry out and become scaly.

To continue preserving my skin's smoothness, I use Gehwol's Mother of Pearl Leg & Foot Scrub (gifted to me from Nail Polish Canada). Gehwol has specialized in foot care since 1978, so you know you're in good hands with their products. I use the foot scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells. The scrub both exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time with its jojoba oil and mother of pearl and sugar crystals. The scent is very mild and the product is very soothing when applied.

You can buy the full line of Gehwol products at Nail Polish Canada. All orders shipped within Canada are free and orders over $50 are shipped free to the U.S. If you're looking to add more items to your cart, consider the Dermablend Setting Powder that I reviewed last summer in my post "How to Keep Your Skin Matte"!

How do you guys take care of your legs and feet? Wax? Pedicures? I'd love to know your daily routine!


  1. I use a similar foot scrub that leaves my legs feeling dry and flaky. I wasn't able to return it because it was past the return date. Would you say the Gehwol is worth the $30?

    1. There is a generous amount of product in the tub, so I'd say it's very worth it in terms of cost-per-use! Try it out! : )