Item of the Week: MUFE Pro Finish Powder Foundation

Available at: SephoraAmazoneBay

In my latest Sephora VIB haul, I bought both the Pro Finish Powder and the Duo Mat Powder by Make Up For Ever. I was interested in testing the difference and wanted to see if I liked the Duo Mat enough to keep it since it's $2 less than the Pro Finish. (I know, I'm cheap.) The Pro Finish is newer and has been my holy grail powder for a while, but seeing that there so many Duo Mat lovers (almost 3,000 positive reviews), I decided to give it a go.

Both powders gave me similar results when applied dry, but I prefer the Pro Finish for the following reasons:
  • it's paraben-free
  • it's multi-purpose (can be used alone or as a setting powder)
  • it can be applied dry for a matte finish, or wet for a satin finish
  • the compact comes with a mirror, which is perfect for traveling/carrying around

The Duo Mat gives me limited options for application. I personally prefer a satin finish as opposed to a matte one because it gives the face more dimension and looks more natural. Admittedly, I've only been using the Pro Finish as a dry powder, but it's good to know that it'll be effective when applied wet. I use Watt's Up! by Benefit Cosmetics to highlight after using the powder.

Make Up For Ever is my favourite cosmetics brand and I'm pretty sure that I'll be using the Pro Finish Powder for a long, long time (or until I find something better). If you use one of these powders and would like to try the other, you should! Sephora is great with open/used products and will give you a full refund. For reference, I use #120 for the Pro Finish and was matched with #201 for the Duo Mat.


  1. Is the pro finish cakey? I just ordered it in 2 shades to try on.

    1. Not cakey at all! I only need to use a thin layer. Good luck finding your shade!