Giveaway: One Pair of Derek Cardigan Frames

As a Style Ambassador at Clearly Contacts, I'd like to share a bit about my experience with you. Clearly Contacts sent me a few questions that they'd like me to answer! Keep reading to learn how you (U.S. & Canadian residents) can win a pair of Derek Cardigan glasses. ; )

How long have you been a Clearly Contacts customer?
I think I've been a Clearly Contacts customer for about three years now? Maybe longer. I love their frames, but I'm also a regular customer for their contact lenses. They have an amazing price match policy that I always take advantage of!

How long have you been a Style Ambassador?
I've only been a Style Ambassador for a little over a month, but I look forward to working on more amazing projects with Clearly Contacts.

Why did you become a Style Ambassador and what are the perks of being one?
Being both a loyal Clearly Contacts customer and a blogger, I that thought this was the perfect opportunity to share my experiences with a wider audience! As a Style Ambassador, I'll be able to take part in special projects like giveaways and promos that I can share with my readers/followers.

Why do you love glasses and how do you integrate them into your looks?
Glasses are a part of my everyday life. Since I have multiple pairs, it's easy to find one that fits with my mood or outfit of the day. They're great accessories for hiding a "no makeup" face, but they're also great for accentuating your eye makeup!

How many pairs do you own?
I own about five pairs of prescription glasses (I think), but the collection is always growing. In my Style Ambassador interview, I mentioned having five pairs of sunglasses, but that number has since grown to seven.

What would you tell somebody who is hesitant about ordering glasses online?
You should order from a store with great return/exchange policies. I used to be hesitant about ordering glasses online, but when I learned that Clearly Contacts offered free exchanges, I began ordering from them.

A few years ago, I was nervous about ordering from them. When I tried on my first pair, I didn't like how big they were on me, so I contacted them for a return label and ordered another pair. That pair didn't work out either, but Clearly Contacts was patient with me and allowed me to return it again. I ordered a third pair that finally worked and it made me one happy and loyal customer.

Any style tips for customers who don't know what glasses they want?
Start with the one(s) you currently own and use it as your "base model". Are you willing to go a bit rounder? Smaller? Bigger? Measure yours or a friend's biggest pair of glasses or sunglasses so you know what size you'd be comfortable going up to. For example, my Derek Cardigan 7014 glasses are the biggest sized frames I would wear, so I know not to get anything bigger than those. Also, don't be afraid to try something new! I recently stepped out of my comfort zone with YSL cat eye glasses and haven't stopped wearing them since!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers!

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3. Comment the image on Instagram telling us why you want a new pair of frames.

The winner will be chosen by Clearly Contacts and announced here and/or Instagram next week.

Winner is @emilyjestina