Last Chance to Shop Nordstrom!

I shared the sales at ASOS, StyleMint, and Nordstrom a short while ago, but wanted to remind everyone that Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is ending soon! Prices are going back up on August 4th, so make an order while you still can. Here are some of my picks again:

Though I haven't made many purchases from Nordstrom because of their pre-calculated custom fees at checkout, I do love browsing their yearly Anniversary Sale. The Report over-the-knee boots I linked above are very similar to the Report Abbott boots I reviewed two years ago. Every time I wear them, I receive many compliments and questions about where to get them. I can't speak for the Gema boots, but my Abbott pair are pretty decent in quality since I've had no issues with them over the past two years.

Unfortunately, living in Canada has its disadvantages when it comes to shopping on US sites. I wish I could order more often from Nordstrom, but I only ended up ordering the Halogen 'Marlie' Calf Hair Pumps shown above in Tan Leopard. Ever since I began wearing my Zara Mid-Heel Court shoes, I've been in love with the d'Orsay shoe style. A pair of leopard pumps has been on my to-buy list for ages and seeing these on sale in a style I love had me sold! I wore them to work the morning after I received compliments before I even stepped into the building. I wore them for nine hours that day and have no complaints. They're super comfortable and my feet didn't have that aching feeling they usually get after a long day of heels. Keep in mind I do work in an office and only walked to meetings, lunch, and the restroom. I did, however, head to Home Depot for a bit after work. Most of the reviews said that these ran large, but I ordered my usual size 6 with no issues.

If Nordstrom didn't work with an outside vendor to ship internationally, I would definitely order the red pair as well...


  1. "Unfortunately, living in Canada has its disadvantages when it comes to shopping on US sites."

    Ahhh the disadvantages of Canada! I once wanted to buy an item but after tax and shipping the total was double the item's price.

    Also, I love your shoes!

    1. Sucks for us!! I hope our stores offer more variety.. especially now that Nordstrom is coming to Canada!