Pleated Dress and Patent Loafers

Hello, friends! Long time no see. My boyfriend & I have settled in to our new home, but we're slowly unpacking things room by room. The most important rooms (bathrooms, kitchen, and master) are squeaky clean so that we can at least live comfortably for the next little while. Opening all of the boxes I packed last month was like Christmas all over again. I rediscovered a lot of old memories that I've hidden away for the past decade or so.

On another note, I've been LOVING these patent shoes I bought from Zara a couple of weeks ago. The back of the shoe was painful for a few hours, but I broke them in easily since they're so flexible. For extra protection, I added heel cushions on the back that I purchased from eBay ages ago.
Oasap pleated floral sleeveless dress (c/o)
Ray-Ban Meteor Sunglasses
H&M navy cardigan (old)
Zara patent soft slipper


  1. Nice:) x

  2. Congrats on the move! Will we be seeing home decor/tour posts?

    1. Thanks Joanna! I may post little bits here and there, but probably not any posts dedicated to them specifically. Instagram is where I'll be posting more!